Six Essential Home Gym Equipment

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When age catches up, the energy level goes down and calories burn slower which quickly turns into fat. All of us eventually will get old and our bodies have to go through ‘some’ changes.  Not all of these changes are bad. We just have to know how to deal with them.

A 30-year-old body takes longer time to recover the morning after a night out of heavy partying. You gain weight easier. The six-packs that you used to be so proud of have been replaced with just one huge bulge. You need a major plan and pure dedication to get that body back and stay healthy. But how is that even possible when you work almost 12-hours a day and gym means an hour of being stuck in peak hour traffic.

Two words- Home. Gym.

You don’t have to break the bank in order to set up a home gym. All you need is just a few basic equipment which surprisingly, is not very expensive. Just don’t expect it to be like one of those you saw in the episodes of MTV Crib.

Now let’s get started.

Doorway pull-up bar

The doorway pull-up bar will help you tone your arms and upper body. It is fully adjustable and can be attached easily to your doorway. The soft foam cover offers comfortable grip so that your hands won’t easily slip. This simple device is also multi-functional as you can mount it high for chin-ups or mount it low for sit-ups. Learn more from this YouTube video HERE

Ab wheel

You definitely need an ab roller if you want to achieve the same six-packs that you used to have in your early twenties. The ab roller is one of the cheapest equipment from this list but it is very important that you know the right technique of using it. There is a very good Youtube tutorial which you can watch HERE

Stability ball


According to an article on, stability ball is a very good investment for your home gym as “you can do abdominal crunches, squats, hamstring curls, body bridges—a ton of different exercises” with it. Stability ball is not very pricey, made for easy storage and “doubles up as a bench when you are working with dumbbells”.

Yoga mat

If yoga is part of your exercise regime, do not overlook the importance of a good quality yoga mat. Yoga mat offers good grip, so that you won’t slip as you switch from one yoga position to the next one.


If you want to splurge in only one equipment, it has got to be a high quality treadmill. Think of all the times when it is raining outside and you can’t get your daily 4km run. Treadmill is a must. No gym would be complete without one.


Another gym essential. Get at least three weights that you most likely going to use or you can go for the adjustable dumbbells with plates range from two to 50 lb.

And voila! Your home gym is ready to use. All you need right now is a whole lot of determination and self-discipline to achieve your new fitness goal.

Who says you can’t turn back time?

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