7 Times David Beckham Reminded Us of His Iconic Status

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David Beckham is a footballer like no other. He has made a name for himself for his unmistakable skills on the field as well as his insanely good look which will forever be the source of envy for men throughout the universe. Beckham is also a very smart businessman cashing in on his celebrity status and believe it or not- his good eyes for fashion.

No one can beat Beckham when it comes to fashion. He is always very well-put together in his suit on the red-carpet as well as trendy street wear on his off day hanging out with his impossibly perfect family. Well he is married to Victoria Beckham for a start. She wasn’t given the nickname Posh Spice for nothing and none of these greatness would have happened if Beckham decided to marry Baby Spice or Ginger Spice.

Just a year shy from the age of 40, David Beckham is nowhere near ready to give up his hearth-throb status. Looking as handsome as ever, we all want to be just a little bit like him or at least try to get our hands on whichever product that he is endorsing (H&M Bodywear anyone?). Although there are rumours circling around about Beckham coming out of his retirement from football, he seems to be enjoying his downtime with his family and working on his own projects like designing a stadium at PortMiami (?!) and again the H&M Bodywear which is set to launch another collection in autumn.

In honor of this bright fashion (and football star), Emm-a-man would like to remind all of you again why David Beckham is the icon that he is today in the first place.

He rocked sarong and made men all over the world want one immediately 

He made this weird hairstyle work

He could bend it like Beckham in suit pants

He sat front row with baby Harper at Victoria Beckham’s fashion show and made Anna Wintour smile

He ran around his neighborhood in underwear which he designed himself

Together with Victoria Beckham, he defies the odds of “couple dressing”

He seems to have found the Fountain of Youth and can easily pass for his eldest son’s brother

Iconic is definitely the right word to describe David Beckham. But looking at these photos made us all think of just one thing.

World is so unfair…

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