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Looking at all the male models on the pages of glossy fashion magazines and on the runway of international fashion labels make us all want to look at least a little bit like them. Our girlfriends have all confessed to having a ‘girl-crush’ on top models like Kate Moss for her style, Cara Delevigne for her silly faces on Instagram or Amber Chia for her entrepreneurial skill. So they should be okay with us admiring David Gandy’s sharp jaw-line and the Brit gentleman persona of Jamie Dornan right?

Since these perfect male model images are staring back at us everywhere we go, we begin to slowly catching up by watching what we eat, going to the gym and taking better care of our skin. So what if the result is a tad too slow? We can always resort to buying whichever brand that they are endorsing. Well that’s taking your male model obsession a little too far which is kind of creepy. But come to think of it, if they can rock that leather sweat pants, so can we!

Creepy obsession aside, Emm-a-man talks to four of very familiar faces of our local fashion industry. These are four guys from different backgrounds who have all graced the pages of local and international fashion magazines, runways, TV commercials and film productions. These fine looking gentlemen shares several style tips with all of you out there to help bring out that inner stylish male model buried deep inside of you.

Daren Lee- Model/Actor

“We are living in a fast pace lifestyle of a metropolitan city where time is a challenge for us. It takes a lot of effort to change to different styles for different venue or event in a hectic day especially when I have to run from one place to another. I would personally prefer to wear something that can go from day to night to match my personality from laid back to suave by add ons like coats, different style of shoes and accessories.  That’s why my car is a mess. It also serve the purpose as my personal mobile wardrobe at times.”

Billy Tea- Esquire’s Malaysia Best Dressed Real Man Runner-up/Model/Political Analyst 

“Style is very much like who you are, your clothes are part of how you want to be represented in our society. For my part, I enjoy a mix of semi-formal and casual, I have to feel comfortable but at the same time I want to look good!”

Craig Smith- Model

“Malaysia is the most difficult place I’ve lived to stay stylish and dress well. It’s just too hot! You can wear a nice shorts and shirt combo but I miss being able to wear my suits and layered outfits more often.

However, I am a believer in keeping it simple and finding what styles suits your look. You can never have enough plain V-neck tee’s (White, black, blue or grey) in my opinion. They go well with casual jeans and shorts or even under a suit jacket for smarter casual look. I always complete my look with a watch or simple jewellery.

The biggest tip I would say is to buy clothes that fit! Most guys wear clothes that are too large. Clothes should hug your shape nicely without being too tight. Obviously tailoring a suit is a must.”

Mozart Razavi- Model 

“As a man, my closet wouldn’t be complete without a kilt as I find wearing a kilt is a brave choice and it is something that breaks the norms in menswear tradition. I also believe that as a model I always create my own persona with different styles of outfits that I have to put on. That is just how powerful of an impact that clothing has on your personality. I don’t care much about the brand. If you know what you are looking for and what looks good on you, you can shop anywhere you like.”

Now there you have it. Important tips on style from four stylish gentlemen who are all currently doing very well in our local fashion industry. As for your obsession to look like a male model, perhaps it is better to just keep it to yourself.

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