The Rise of The Spornosexuals

By: hannef
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There is an article in Telegraph UK about the rise of the new breed of men who proudly identify themselves as ‘spornosexuals’. Spornosexual is the more extreme and body-obsessed version of the metrosexual from the early noughties. These are men who have no shame in wearing itsy-bitsy Speedos at the pool and flexing their muscles in front of the mirror at the gym for their #fitspo updates on their Instagram accounts despite the look of utter disgust from other men outside of their vain circle. Spornosexual is less about designer clothes and proper grooming but more about protein shakes and very little clothes. Cheapened version of metrosexual? Maybe… but gym membership, protein shakes and UnderArmour compression suits are not really that cheap.

A quick search for spornosexual hashtag on Instagram revealed almost an equal balance of gym selfies and sun-tanning shots by men with undeniably fit bodies. What’s with the decreased levels of self-humility and privacy? Don’t these gym-rats fully thought about what all the half-naked shots could do for their professional life? What if their highly-conservative superior saw these photos? Perhaps to these spornosexuals it doesn’t really matter since most of them are actually models, minor-celebs, fitness coaches and people who run their own companies (based on social-media research). Well for the rest of you who maybe work for the government, you better think twice about your spornosexual social-media updates.

Spornosexual is without a doubt a product of the new self-obsessed social media society that we are currently living in. The pressure of perfect self-image is no longer just a struggle of our female counterpart. Men are facing it too. Looking at their proud bodily achievements, don’t you just wish you looked a little bit like them and make you want to skip dinner at least for the night?

If spornosexual is the preview of the shape of our future society, then maybe we are all doomed. It is enough that we have to listen to songs like “Anaconda” and “Big Booty” with Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez destroying the self-confidence of all the women out there. Degrading? Some might enjoy it as a pure guilty entertainment pleasure. Same goes with spornosexual men who absolutely live by the mantra of “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”. Having said that, there are still some of us who wants to be a part of the society where intelligence comes first and what takes you further in life is your education and not how good you look in a tank-top.


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