7 Wak Doyok’s Outfits That We Should Talk About

By: hannef
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If you are Malaysian citizen of just about any age, you might have heard of or seen Wak Doyok on TV and the pages of daily newspapers. Wak Doyok is currently a local fashion darling thanks to his signature mustache and penchant for ‘European gentleman’ fashion.

Our last check on his Instagram accounts showed 100k strong followers liking and showing brah-love on each and every one of his photo. Wak (as he is fondly referred to among followers and friends), has also starred in a national TV’s reality show titled ‘Ke Korea Kita’ which follows his journey with a bunch of other friends in Seoul, Korea.

But a lot of people have very little idea of how it all began for Wak Doyok. He is actually masterminded by local menswear designer, Fairuz Ramdan. In his attempt to get his ‘Brit gentleman meet Sartorialist’ inspired menswear appeal to the masses, Fairuz needed someone brave enough to wear his design and carry each different look with confidence. So he somehow crossed path with Wak Doyok and the rest is now a local fashion history.

We enjoy looking at all of the different looks that Wak Doyok has spotted at so many different parties and events around the city. From his checkered suit to bright socks and vintage Red Wings, everything is just so well put together sometimes it almost seemed like he just walked out of a magazine photoshoot.

There is just one thing that is lacking in Wak Doyok’s fashion sense which is a touch of reality. A three-piece suit at an outdoor event under the sun over the knee socks that we last saw pre-war in the last centuries are among the looks only Wak Doyok can pull off. He even created hashtags to get back at his Instagram followers who kept asking whether he is comfortable under his layers of clothes. Perhaps it works since people have not been asking that much. But we still have questions to ask about some of these questionable outfits seen on his Instagram account.

That one time he wore red knee-length socks and ride a bicycle

 When he wore a double-breasted jacket under the blazing hot sun

 When he walked the red-carpet of an award show looking like one of the casts from Downton Abbey

When he checked the time using his watch fob

That one time his face was on a pair of Dr.Martens boots

When he showed us his undying commitment to fashion by wearing a tie underneath his leather jacket

That one time when he kinda missed the memo and showed up to a biker event in this equestrian getup

You can say what you want about him but Wak Doyok has ultimately improved the troubled relationship between local men and clothes. They are now more willing to try and make an effort. Men’s bag and clutch are suddenly acceptable because Wak Doyok is always seen with either one. He is the menswear figure that Malaysian men have been waiting for. And for the rest who have been trying to emulate his style (and moustache), we are giving them A for effort.

Source: Wak Doyok’s Instagram account @wakdoyok

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