5 Hair Styling Products to Try Today

By: hannef
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Being a modern day gentleman is more than just maintaining a good physique and leading a great life similar to what is being portrayed by the media. Although we are not too keen on the idea of confirming to the social standard and current trends, we are aware of how important it is to look good and presentable in every occasion.

Neat and tidy hair is as important as keeping your fingernails clean. Your hair is a very prominent feature as it is what people noticed first about you. With so many hair-styles created for men of late, some of these dos demand for more than just your standard wash-and-dry regime.

Men’s hair products are now easily available to suit different type of hair-styles and textures. From pomade and wax to gel and clay, men today are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right hair-styling products for them.

Emm-a-man decided to give these five hair-styling products a go and share our thoughts on the styling effects they have on our hair.

Osis by Schwarzkopf


Osis by Schwarzkopf has a very rich texture and very little amount required for each application. The hair stays intact throughout the day but still maintains its natural look without looking too stiff.  Although it is meant for messy hairstyle, it works just as well on both side or back-combed hair. (RM30)

Gatsby Water Wax- Arrange Mania

True to its name, Gatsby Water Wax is a liquid base hairstyling product. Due to its texture, it is more suitable for straight hair as it doesn’t do much for curly hair except for enhancing the curl of each strand. This is the right product if you are trying to achieve the sleek Leo DiCaprio’s side-part or Kpop-inspired curls. (on promotion at Guardian online store for RM5.88 from original price RM22.90)

Loreal Studio Fix & Style

Loreal Studio Fix & Style has a similar gel texture as the abovementioned product but it is not as watery and doesn’t stiffen out the hair too much. It is best applied to slightly damp hair in order to achieve a more natural look. This product also comes in five different strengths for you to choose from according to how you want to style your hair. (RM18.90)

got2b Chaotic Matte Gum

got2b Chaotic Matte Gum is a wax that provides strong hold without the shiny forehead that you always get from other products after standing under the the sun for just a few minutes. It is sticky but upon application it gets absorbed instantly into the hair. Just like any other wax, you have to make sure you clean your hair thoroughly at the end of the day to get rid of the residue. (RM27.90  from lazada.com)

Elite Sleek & Shine Hair Gel

Elite Sleek & Shine create that desired sleek look with natural shine all day long. It is water-based and can be washed easily. This hair gel is also enriched with phyto nutrient, SEPICAP which protects hair against UV and pollutants. If your hair keeps falling out, Elite Sleek & Shine strengthens your hair without leaving it greasy. (RM4.10 for 75g)

These hair styling products are available at all the good pharmacies and hair care store near you.


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