Meet The Team

Yet Mee


Yet Mee is trying to be grown up about growing older. Still being experimental and working hard at being a master juggler  of tasks; Yet Mee is committed to bring Emm-A-Man and to the next level and she juggles a full time  job  as well. She is appreciative of  good writers and good people, and always on the look out for interesting opinions and viewpoints on  things especially life. There are so many facets to life and  “so much to do yet so little time”  . Her motto in life ‘ when you think you  know something , try looking at it from a different angle and see if there is something else to be learned”. Always rushing and quite given up on being sophisticated – have instead decided to  embrace the fact that so long as life is  lived well and meaningfully…


Hannef is a part time language teacher and full time fashion aficionado. He loves watching people on the street, listening to music that he downloads legally and become his friends’ final decision maker each time they go out shopping on weekends. He loves thrifting and once bought an A.P.C cashmere sweater for only RM 39.90. Whenever he is not busy going from one shopping malls to another, he dreams of becoming Jude Law in the movie “Alfie”. He thinks Coldplay is the best band in the world and Victoria Beckham is a fashion royal mess. Hannef also knows exactly what he wants and he will not settle for anything less. But he is always open for any suggestions and feedbacks. Do send in your emails including those from Victoria Beckham fans=)

May Lee

May Lee is happiest curled up somewhere with a good book. All the books she’s devoured over the years have left her with an insatiable appetite for whimsical stories with happy endings and an ever-so-slightly twisted mind. Fresh out of uni with a degree in Literature under her belt, she is still very eagerly idealistic, with a penchant for lunch-hour shopping expeditions! Loves include chocolate, Neil Gaiman, 70%-off bargains, the sort of romance novels with half-undressed, swooning women on the cover, and pretty shoes. Dislikes crazy drivers who cut into her lane while she’s singing along to Lady Gaga.


Stephanie loves freedom, comedy, coffee, art, music, nature and all the good things in life. Self proclaimed museum freak, she would spend the whole day just in museums if she could. She can’t draw but is interested in art history. Addicted to traveling and thinks it could lead her to her desired life of freedom. Travel enables her to discover and rediscover herself and also to master her new found talents – packing and unpacking luggages very quickly and map-reading! Dislikes people who takes advantage of her kindness, butterflies, bad customer service and uncivilized people who don’t hold the door or queue up.


A self-confessed shopaholic who probably should never own a credit card for her own good (think Confessions of A Shopaholic). No matter how hard she tries when she is in range of stores that sell clothes, bags, shoes, make-up, accessories you name it, she loves it, she’ll try it! She’s also an avid movie-goer and has a sneaking suspicion that she could be one of GSC’s best customers. She also enjoys writing, going out and having a good time with her closest friends, and lazy weekends at home relaxing on the couch with some occasional chocolate treats (she never says no to chocolates either!) She simply loves doing product reviews, especially because she gets to try things first, which are absolutely the best part of the job. She would love to travel to different holiday destinations around the world one day, but at the end of the day, she is just happy being anywhere her family and friends are.


Lav is a 20 year old part-time writer and full-time Psychology undergraduate, which means she just manages to find time for all the things she loves! These include friends and family, books, traveling, great food, make-up, addictive TV shows, oil painting, YouTube videos, online shopping, clubbing and, of course, her 50kg great dane! Her must have beauty items include her eyelash curler and BB Cream. As for her life goals? Well that’s pretty much a long list of “Places to Live In”. She hopes you enjoy reading her articles as much as she enjoys writing them!


Aaron is a twenty-something year old bachelor on the wrong side of 25. Raised in a kampung, lives in the city. He has always been fascinated by people, love and relationships. A romantic, idealist and dreamer – he believes that everyone can be in a happy fulfilling relationship – if they work for it. Aaron is heavily influenced by the teachings of self-help gurus, dating coaches and former pickup artists – but realizes the best teacher in life is experience.

Aaron loves women.

Likes – playing and humming along to commercialized pop music, sweating it out in a competitive game of basketball and discovering what people are passionate about. Prefers – listening over talking, karaoke over drinking, loving over playing.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting, Sua trained as an accountant in one of the four big audit firms for about five years. She then worked as a lecturer for about four years before venturing into unit trusts. A firm believer in continuous learning, she obtained her MBA in 2003, followed by her Certified Financial Planning (CFP), where she was recognised as the top CFP certificant. Sua is always interested in investment, and regularly keeps abreast of market and economic trends, which explains her ability to command multiple sources of income from investments and unit trust businesses.

She is also attached the number one unit trust company which has one a multitude of awards, and her credentials include young clients who have managed to purchase their own homes at the age of 24 and older –retired – clients who enjoy multiple sources of income from savings and investment plans. Not one who works without play, Sua balances her life with plenty of family time, meeting up with friends, travelling, eating good food and reading self-improvement books. She also goes to the gym and plays badminton to work off all that good food!

Soo Aun

Soo Aun is a freelance personal trainer, anatomical architect and group training instructor, who is currently self-employed in Fit Revolution. He has 8 years in the industry under his belt, including 6 years spent working at Fitness First and 2 years on his own at Fit Revolution. His credentials go beyond just gyms, however: he also spent 3 years (2004-2007) in competitive bodybuilding and 2 years (2008 & 2009) in competitive triathlons.

His specialties include weight and fat loss, sports-specific workouts, weight management and muscle conditioning. With multiple qualifications, including one by the American Council of Exercise (Certified Personal Trainer) and a Pad Master Personal Trainer Level 1 certification in Muay Thai by the World Muay Thai Council.


Adam Gaffey

Australian that loves fine food and has great passion for cooking. His work: Simple, delectable, inventive, contemporary European, with a distinct Italian influence. Travelled across the globe, heaped most of his culinary experience in London: OXO Tower Restaurant Harvey Nichols, Manor on All Saints Road, The Park in Queen’s Park and Tamesa Braserie London. Back on his native soil, he left his mark in Bel Mondo Restaurant, Sydney and Oak Room in Hyatt Hotel, Canberra. Currently expanding his horizon in Malaysia and enjoying the array of South East Asian cuisine.Takes pleasure in sharing his wisdom and satisfying his craving of good food. You are cordially invited to explore his world of cooking.