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Can Money Buy Happiness?

(Editor’s note: Let’s welcome our new colleague, Lily, to the team! Read her article below on how people in China are chasing after material goods in place of happiness, which was published on Ovi Magazine.)   Talking of China, most people must be thinking about The Great Wall, low cost Made-in-China goods, and the fast growing [...]

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The Survival Guide to Music Concerts, Festivals and Raves

There is hope for Malaysia yet – and I’m talking about the music scene, of course. In recent years, singer-songwriters Yuna and Zee Avi (and even, hey, Mizz Nina) have made us proud, proving false the misconception that the country breeds lousy musicians. This year alone, Avenged Sevenfold, David Guetta, Jason Mraz, Justin Bieber, Mystery [...]

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