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7 Wak Doyok’s Outfits That We Should Talk About

If you are Malaysian citizen of just about any age, you might have heard of or seen Wak Doyok on TV and the pages of daily newspapers. Wak Doyok is currently a local fashion darling thanks to his signature mustache and penchant for ‘European gentleman’ fashion. Our last check on his Instagram accounts showed 100k [...]

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5 More Looks from Menswear Spring 2015

Womenswear division is currently celebrating the arrival of Spring 2015 collections on the runways of four major Fashion Weeks across four major cities of New York, Paris, Milan and London. Although menswear collections have actually been revealed earlier, there designers who decided to show their new Spring 2015 line a little bit later than the [...]

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Menswear at The MTV VMA 2014

MTV Video Music Awards 2014 took place on Sunday celebrating all the glitz and glamor of today’s pop culture— in the usual MTV’s signature explosion of sexuality and wildness of course. Remember when Miley Cyrus ‘happened’ on stage of VMA last year? There is none of that this time around although Nicki Minaj jungle-twerking to [...]

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No Hipster No!!

Hipster used to be a very exclusive ‘community’ that everyone wanted to become a part of. Now that more than half of the people who hang out at Publika and grow facial hair unapologetically claimed themselves to be one, we started to look the other way and questioned the authenticity of this whole idea of [...]

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5 Important Hip-hop Fashion Evolutions

Music is a never-ending revolution. It keeps changing and if you don’t want to miss out you better catch up. Music regardless of genre has gone through its own evolution. The hip-hop and RnB music that we have playing on the radio today for instance is not the same as the way it was 10 [...]

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Wearable Menswear Fantasies at STYLO 2014

Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand-Prix 2014 took center stage amid the full-on adrenaline rush of Malaysian Grand-Prix week showcasing glorious creations of celebrated local fashion designers in six consecutive evenings. With this year’s theme ‘Wearable Fantasies’, local fashion scene’s big timers as well as the promising  new talents unveiled garments of different inspirations all sharing the [...]

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5 Other #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouples That Are Not Kimye

Our first reaction upon hearing the news about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s first Vogue magazine cover was quite obvious. Being an online fashion portal, we joined the rest of the fashion community around the globe could not stop asking why

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Menswear Street-Style Fail

It is always great to see how men today are putting more efforts into their appearance. They get RM50 haircut, spa and facial every fortnight, do weight training and willing to pay more than high-street price for clothes. With this new attitude and outlook towards fashion and grooming, men are becoming more and more competitive [...]

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5 Most Memorable Celebrity Headgears

Isn’t it amazing how in the past hats were an indicator of social status? What if we still go by the same system today? Imagine having to wear a certain hat to separate yourself from others of the lower ranking in the society. Come to think about it, is there really such thing as social [...]

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So Long, Pit Stain!

You may think that bad body odor is the worst problem that you could ever have to deal with. Now think again. Think of the embarrassing sweat patch under your shirt sleeves and how uncomfortable it is to lift your hands without people noticing. What about the stickiness and uncomfortable feeling of having a pool [...]

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