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7 Wak Doyok’s Outfits That We Should Talk About

If you are Malaysian citizen of just about any age, you might have heard of or seen Wak Doyok on TV and the pages of daily newspapers. Wak Doyok is currently a local fashion darling thanks to his signature mustache and penchant for ‘European gentleman’ fashion. Our last check on his Instagram accounts showed 100k [...]

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5 New Arrivals to Get Excited About

Emm-a-man is all about the latest happenings in fashion particularly menswear and all things essential to modern day gentleman like you. We have no problem admitting to our mild online shopping addiction or our tendency to jump into the bandwagon and try out the latest product in town. There is nothing wrong with buying stuff [...]

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5 More Looks from Menswear Spring 2015

Womenswear division is currently celebrating the arrival of Spring 2015 collections on the runways of four major Fashion Weeks across four major cities of New York, Paris, Milan and London. Although menswear collections have actually been revealed earlier, there designers who decided to show their new Spring 2015 line a little bit later than the [...]

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Style: According Male Models in Malaysia

Looking at all the male models on the pages of glossy fashion magazines and on the runway of international fashion labels make us all want to look at least a little bit like them. Our girlfriends have all confessed to having a ‘girl-crush’ on top models like Kate Moss for her style, Cara Delevigne for [...]

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5 Ways Men Can Look Whimsical Too

It is much easier for ladies to pull off quirky look. Whenever a woman put on a cupcake skirt or pink streaks in her hair, she is instantly compared to Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj. It is an entire different story when a guy puts on a pair of polka-dot shorts or wear neon green [...]

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5 Football-inspired Items to Get This World Cup Season

World Cup fever is almost reaching its peak with the final match just around the corner. After more than a month of staying up late to catch the match and feeling like the ‘Walking Dead’ the day after at work, we are getting close to going back to our old routine. Emm-a-man might be all [...]

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5 Important Hip-hop Fashion Evolutions

Music is a never-ending revolution. It keeps changing and if you don’t want to miss out you better catch up. Music regardless of genre has gone through its own evolution. The hip-hop and RnB music that we have playing on the radio today for instance is not the same as the way it was 10 [...]

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Red-carpet: MTV Movie Awards 2014

We can always count on MTV to host a fun and wacky award show like The MTV Movie Awards. Hosted by the ever funny Conan O’Brien, the The MTV Movie Awards this year gave us a few memorable moments like Rihanna and Eminem’s first ever performance of their huge hit Monster, the cameos from stars like [...]

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Sneak-peek: Tom Ford’s First Ever Sneakers for Fall 2014

Fashion is changing. Even the trashiest reality TV show queen has found her way to the cover of Vogue magazine and even GQ magazine was featured on HBO hit series Girls. This is the new era of crossing borders and unlimited possibilities.

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Who Says Men and Gold Don’t Mix?

Gold is not really the color for all of us men. The closest men have ever gotten to the precious gold is when King Midas turns everything he touched into gold and Mr.T of The A-Team with his signature multiple gold chains around his neck. So it is unheard of  for a man to get [...]

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