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5 Hair Styling Products to Try Today

Being a modern day gentleman is more than just maintaining a good physique and leading a great life similar to what is being portrayed by the media. Although we are not too keen on the idea of confirming to the social standard and current trends, we are aware of how important it is to look [...]

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5 New Arrivals to Get Excited About

Emm-a-man is all about the latest happenings in fashion particularly menswear and all things essential to modern day gentleman like you. We have no problem admitting to our mild online shopping addiction or our tendency to jump into the bandwagon and try out the latest product in town. There is nothing wrong with buying stuff [...]

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5 Football-inspired Items to Get This World Cup Season

World Cup fever is almost reaching its peak with the final match just around the corner. After more than a month of staying up late to catch the match and feeling like the ‘Walking Dead’ the day after at work, we are getting close to going back to our old routine. Emm-a-man might be all [...]

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7 Reasons Why Godfrey Gao is Cooler Than Us

If you need an idol for great skin and flawless complexion look no further than Godfrey Gao. In case you are not very familiar with the name, Godfrey Gao is an acclaimed Taiwan-Canadian actor/model who has carved a name for himself by starring in various Taiwanese dramas including Volleyball Lover and Momo Love

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So Long, Pit Stain!

You may think that bad body odor is the worst problem that you could ever have to deal with. Now think again. Think of the embarrassing sweat patch under your shirt sleeves and how uncomfortable it is to lift your hands without people noticing. What about the stickiness and uncomfortable feeling of having a pool [...]

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Ready for Hot Date Night Under Just an Hour

Okay, so you finally talked to the hot babe from the 8th floor of your building and managed to gather enough courage to ask her out for dinner. The only setback is the timing. Work takes up most of your time and you know for a fact that you are not really in your usual [...]

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5 Haircuts That Are Neither Quiff Nor Under-cut

It gets really boring when pretty much everyone at work has the same hairstyle. The thing with men these days is we walk into an expensive salon thinking of having a hair makeover with no idea or whatsoever of what we actually want. The hairstylist suggest a hairstyle that supposed to make us all look [...]

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Style File: The New & Improved Jared Leto

We always have this love hate relationship with rockstar/actor Jared Leto. He is without a doubt, a very good-looking guy. The fact that he recently turned 42 years old makes us all go green with envy. What is this guy’s secret? His energy, super-fit body and the fact that his acting

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From Frat-boy to Front-runner

We all have to go through several different stages in life. From childhood to the agony of high-school and fun-filled college years up to the point when we can finally say that we are a full grown man with a real job and adult responsibilities. Transitioning from one stage to the next one is definitely [...]

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5 Fragrances for Gentlemen with Need For Speed

While women are all about make-ups and designer high-heels, it is a widely known fact that men have the same amount of profound love  for fast cars and fancy motorbikes. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of riding a super-bike or cruising around in a luxurious fast car. The sad reality is unlike make-up and high-heels, [...]

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