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Ready for Hot Date Night Under Just an Hour

Okay, so you finally talked to the hot babe from the 8th floor of your building and managed to gather enough courage to ask her out for dinner. The only setback is the timing. Work takes up most of your time and you know for a fact that you are not really in your usual [...]

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What Causes Adult Acne?

You know what is worse than acne? Adult acne. It is acceptable in high-school because we were all going through same dreadful process of puberty. To have flawless skin back then was a blessing. Then, we went on to college. Skin was still patchy but it was still acceptable because for some of us the [...]

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Your Grooming Myths Busted!

Grooming ritual is a must for all grown man. It is crucial for a fact that our skin has reached its peak and if we don’t really pay much attention to maintain what we have, things will simply go downwards  from this point. For most of us grooming involves more or less ten simple steps [...]

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Grooming Facts That You Need to Know

Here at Emm-a-man we are all about fashion. We love clothes and we are always the first in line at fashion show and waiting patiently in front of our computers for live streaming of menswear fashion week from London to Milan. But another thing that is also important to us is grooming. Imagine what a [...]

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Bachelor Pad Must-Haves 0.2- Kitchen and Bathroom

We have discussed all the tips on how to turn your house into an ideal bachelor pad for today’s modern gentleman. It was quite easy, really and it doesn’t really take that much of effort. Well now that you have all the crucial parts like wall treatment, rugs and seating area covered, it’s time to [...]

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10 Facts About Hair

As we go older, there’s a lot more concern about our hair compared to when we were just a young 20-something guy. Hair started to fall, we get dry scalp and dandruff, spit ends, grey hair… you name it and the chances are we might be dealing with it. Desperate for solutions, we have pretty [...]

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Is That A Unibrow?!

What is your definition of grooming? Is it simply doing the 3-steps on you face, shaving and getting a haircut every twice a month? Have you ever considered eyebrow-trimming as part of your grooming regime? Unibrow? Now that’s a sight to avoid. Nobody wants to be compared to Ernie of The ,Sesame Street. Come on! [...]

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UPDATE: Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s Bags

How important is a bag in our daily lives? Very important. There’s one that we carry to work, to the gym, for weekends and for a night out in town. We are done talking about how carrying a bag makes us less of a man, gay or whatever because this is afterall the year of [...]

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Michael Douglas Looks Dashing In Canali

Let’s be honest. Not all of us men wear suits everyday. Depending on our jobs and fields of expertise, our suits spend more time in the closet waiting for the right occasion to make its appearance. ‘Right occasions’ here refer to weddings, black-tie events and one of those very important company meetings. That’s why it [...]

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Optical 88* at Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week

Eyewear has become part of daily lives even for the perfect sighted,  as a must have  fashion accessory to enhance physical appearance or an extra edge to stand out at social events, completing the desired looks effortlessly. With that in mind, leading professional optical retail network giant Optical 88* held its first Spectacular show hosted [...]

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