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Ready for Hot Date Night Under Just an Hour

Okay, so you finally talked to the hot babe from the 8th floor of your building and managed to gather enough courage to ask her out for dinner. The only setback is the timing. Work takes up most of your time and you know for a fact that you are not really in your usual [...]

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5 Haircuts That Are Neither Quiff Nor Under-cut

It gets really boring when pretty much everyone at work has the same hairstyle. The thing with men these days is we walk into an expensive salon thinking of having a hair makeover with no idea or whatsoever of what we actually want. The hairstylist suggest a hairstyle that supposed to make us all look [...]

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From Frat-boy to Front-runner

We all have to go through several different stages in life. From childhood to the agony of high-school and fun-filled college years up to the point when we can finally say that we are a full grown man with a real job and adult responsibilities. Transitioning from one stage to the next one is definitely [...]

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Men’s Guide to Long-Hair Trend

There are times when changes are needed. We change our clothes, our jobs and our opinion all the time because these things matter and we get sick of everything easily. But when it comes to changing our hairstyle, we tend to over-think it and being spontaneous is not the wisest thing to do. So you [...]

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Your Grooming Myths Busted!

Grooming ritual is a must for all grown man. It is crucial for a fact that our skin has reached its peak and if we don’t really pay much attention to maintain what we have, things will simply go downwards  from this point. For most of us grooming involves more or less ten simple steps [...]

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Know Your Hair-loss Problem

Making that leap from your twenties to thirties could be pretty amazing. It’s a step further from where you used to be and it is believed that by now, all your pre-set life goals have been achieved or at least seem closer that they have ever been before. But with all the experiences and wisdom [...]

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5 Foods For Your Skin

With so many skincare and grooming products available in the market, sometimes we just forget how these are actually alternatives to the natural way of looking your best and having perfect skin. Come to think of it, it was not until recently that men began to have their own skincare line and proper grooming products. Moisturizer for [...]

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Choosing The Right Hair-styling Product

Our hair is the first thing that people would notice and some people are even known for their hair. Although we don’t really like the idea of letting our hair define who we are, having the right haircut and style is very important. Just like how you choose your clothes and what works best for [...]

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Grooming Facts That You Need to Know

Here at Emm-a-man we are all about fashion. We love clothes and we are always the first in line at fashion show and waiting patiently in front of our computers for live streaming of menswear fashion week from London to Milan. But another thing that is also important to us is grooming. Imagine what a [...]

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Suit and Tie: Do It Like JT

Justin Timberlake is back after a moderate success in acting. His most memorable movie to date has got to be ‘The Social Network”– the memoir of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. It’s really hard to believe that the singer has not released any new material since 2006′s FutureSex/LoveSound. After almost seven-year hiatus from the music scene, JT [...]

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