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The Rise of The Spornosexuals

There is an article in Telegraph UK about the rise of the new breed of men who proudly identify themselves as ‘spornosexuals’. Spornosexual is the more extreme and body-obsessed version of the metrosexual from the early noughties. These are men who have no shame in wearing itsy-bitsy Speedos at the pool and flexing their muscles [...]

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H&M x Alexander Wang: What We Know So Far

Last year’s H&M collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant was such a huge hit. All of us were excited to rock her boho-inspired pieces for the first time since Marant has never before come out with any menswear collection under her namesake label. The result was beyond what we expected with tribal sweaters and rugged [...]

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7 Times David Beckham Reminded Us of His Iconic Status

David Beckham is a footballer like no other. He has made a name for himself for his unmistakable skills on the field as well as his insanely good look which will forever be the source of envy for men throughout the universe. Beckham is also a very smart businessman cashing in on his celebrity status [...]

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5 Football-inspired Items to Get This World Cup Season

World Cup fever is almost reaching its peak with the final match just around the corner. After more than a month of staying up late to catch the match and feeling like the ‘Walking Dead’ the day after at work, we are getting close to going back to our old routine. Emm-a-man might be all [...]

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5 Facts About Six Pack and Ripped Abs

No one can deny the fact that men are obsessed with their abs. Abs are all over the cover of men’s fitness magazine and always the headline of at least one or two articles in men’s magazine. The fact that washboard abs and six pack are all over the media pressured all of us into [...]

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5 Sharpest Suits at The Oscar 2014

The Academy Awards (Oscar) this year has got to be one of the most anticipated events of the year. Even a few months prior to the events, people have been buzzing about the nominations, possible winners, what Lupita Nyong’o is going to wear and of course whether Leo DiCaprio would finally take home the awards [...]

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7 Reasons Why Godfrey Gao is Cooler Than Us

If you need an idol for great skin and flawless complexion look no further than Godfrey Gao. In case you are not very familiar with the name, Godfrey Gao is an acclaimed Taiwan-Canadian actor/model who has carved a name for himself by starring in various Taiwanese dramas including Volleyball Lover and Momo Love

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Ready for Hot Date Night Under Just an Hour

Okay, so you finally talked to the hot babe from the 8th floor of your building and managed to gather enough courage to ask her out for dinner. The only setback is the timing. Work takes up most of your time and you know for a fact that you are not really in your usual [...]

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5 Ideas for Extravagant Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year again when love is about to be celebrated with expensive but highly disposable red-roses and pretty little card with pre-written words by some greeting card experts. Some might say Valentine’s Day is a complete waste of time and energy (love should be celebrated everyday of the year blah [...]

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Six Essential Home Gym Equipment

When age catches up, the energy level goes down and calories burn slower which quickly turns into fat. All of us eventually will get old and our bodies have to go through ‘some’ changes.  Not all of these changes are bad. We just have to know how to deal with them. A 30-year-old body takes [...]

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