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H&M x Alexander Wang: What We Know So Far

Last year’s H&M collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant was such a huge hit. All of us were excited to rock her boho-inspired pieces for the first time since Marant has never before come out with any menswear collection under her namesake label. The result was beyond what we expected with tribal sweaters and rugged [...]

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7 Times David Beckham Reminded Us of His Iconic Status

David Beckham is a footballer like no other. He has made a name for himself for his unmistakable skills on the field as well as his insanely good look which will forever be the source of envy for men throughout the universe. Beckham is also a very smart businessman cashing in on his celebrity status [...]

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5 Football-inspired Items to Get This World Cup Season

World Cup fever is almost reaching its peak with the final match just around the corner. After more than a month of staying up late to catch the match and feeling like the ‘Walking Dead’ the day after at work, we are getting close to going back to our old routine. Emm-a-man might be all [...]

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5 Sharpest Suits at The Oscar 2014

The Academy Awards (Oscar) this year has got to be one of the most anticipated events of the year. Even a few months prior to the events, people have been buzzing about the nominations, possible winners, what Lupita Nyong’o is going to wear and of course whether Leo DiCaprio would finally take home the awards [...]

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5 Ideas for Extravagant Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year again when love is about to be celebrated with expensive but highly disposable red-roses and pretty little card with pre-written words by some greeting card experts. Some might say Valentine’s Day is a complete waste of time and energy (love should be celebrated everyday of the year blah [...]

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Let’s Disco! Nile Rodgers @ KL LIVE

You may not know this but disco is making a comeback in a huge way than ever before! Even when you go to the club, there must be at least one or two disco track included in the DJ’s set list. And summer’s biggest hit this year, Daftpunk’s Get Lucky? That is so disco! What [...]

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Menswear in Iconic Hollywood Movies

The world that exists in movies is simply wonderful. We resort to movies as our own private little escapade from all the screw-ups that we have to deal with on daily basis.  It is so magical that anything is possible, from expensive suit on hitman to the ever ageless George Clooney. The make believe world [...]

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Out & About-What To Do (on St.Patrick’s Day) – Pub Crawl & Irish Night

Option 1: GUINNES St Patrick’s Pub Crawl   I guess nothing is more exciting than chilling out with your pals in a cool pub at Saturday night while St.Patrick’s is back and promises to bring MARCH MORE FUN!  Yes,  Malaysia’s Biggest Guinness St Patrick’s Pub crawl is going to be held from 15th till 17th of March [...]

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Suit and Tie: Do It Like JT

Justin Timberlake is back after a moderate success in acting. His most memorable movie to date has got to be ‘The Social Network”– the memoir of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. It’s really hard to believe that the singer has not released any new material since 2006′s FutureSex/LoveSound. After almost seven-year hiatus from the music scene, JT [...]

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The Survival Guide to Music Concerts, Festivals and Raves

There is hope for Malaysia yet – and I’m talking about the music scene, of course. In recent years, singer-songwriters Yuna and Zee Avi (and even, hey, Mizz Nina) have made us proud, proving false the misconception that the country breeds lousy musicians. This year alone, Avenged Sevenfold, David Guetta, Jason Mraz, Justin Bieber, Mystery [...]

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