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How to Stay in Shape and Still Enjoy the Turkey

It’s not easy to resist the temptation with all those food on the table. With so many parties and gathering to attend, we can’t help but surrender with plates in our hands ready to hit the buffet table. But once we go back to the daily grind, the first morning of returning back to work seems unbearable [...]

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Out & About-What To Do (on St.Patrick’s Day) – Pub Crawl & Irish Night

Option 1: GUINNES St Patrick’s Pub Crawl   I guess nothing is more exciting than chilling out with your pals in a cool pub at Saturday night while St.Patrick’s is back and promises to bring MARCH MORE FUN!  Yes,  Malaysia’s Biggest Guinness St Patrick’s Pub crawl is going to be held from 15th till 17th of March [...]

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Go Green This Valentine’s Day

We have done this since the beginning. After many years of celebrating “love” on February 14th, you must be an expert in buying roses and choosing the right boxed-chocolate, that every “gift ideas” article doesn’t do much for you anymore. Let’s rethink the entire concept of Valentine’s Day. Consider doing things differently this year. Instead of all [...]

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Bachelor Pad Must-Haves 0.2- Kitchen and Bathroom

We have discussed all the tips on how to turn your house into an ideal bachelor pad for today’s modern gentleman. It was quite easy, really and it doesn’t really take that much of effort. Well now that you have all the crucial parts like wall treatment, rugs and seating area covered, it’s time to [...]

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Bachelor Pad Must Haves

All of us dream of a house that we can really be proud of. Somewhere that we can call our own and a place that we could come home to at the end of the day after a hectic run in the office. Our home should also be the reflection of who we are and [...]

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Food Review – Drink Coffee For A Good Cause at Mbuji Cafe

Mbuji Cafe is a coffee chain with African theme selling different types of coffee beans from countries over the world and recently opened in Tropicana City Mall. It was  at Sunway Giza for quite some years before relocated in Subang Carrefour. Decided to try out this cafe for its  impressive decor like a  tribal village (also because Starbucks has  limited choice of [...]

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Italiannies Gives Us Passport to Italy

Have you been to Italiannies? The restaurant recently launched “Passport to Italy‘ featuring the best of authentic Italian specialties from different regions of the country. The best part about ‘Passport to Italy‘ is it offers their customers the opportunity to savour the best of authentic Italian specialties from different regions of the country, without having [...]

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Food Review – Chinese High Tea With Pork Free Dim Sum

Although we have just talk about dim sum not too long ago, here is a place that serves pork free dim sum which is worth mentioning, mostly because it is not common for a Chinese restaurant (this is a subsidiary of Tai Thong group) to do so.  Their dim sum is made per order and requires patience in [...]

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Food Review – Saba Restaurant, Setiawangsa

Located opposite LRT Setiawangsa, Saba is a restaurant serving Arabic cuisine that you wouldn’t notice unless you happen to be looking up, as it occupies the first and second floor of the mall. I was informed that a lot of white collared workers frequent the restaurant during lunch time, as it is easily accessible from [...]

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Taste Bud Adventure with Malones

We love to eat. Well not to the point that we declare proudly that ‘we live to eat’ but we do appreciate good food. With so many options out there, it is just so hard to decide on where to go for a little bit of taste bud adventure. Local cuisine, Asian, Western, gourmet and [...]

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