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The Rise of The Spornosexuals

There is an article in Telegraph UK about the rise of the new breed of men who proudly identify themselves as ‘spornosexuals’. Spornosexual is the more extreme and body-obsessed version of the metrosexual from the early noughties. These are men who have no shame in wearing itsy-bitsy Speedos at the pool and flexing their muscles [...]

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5 Facts About Six Pack and Ripped Abs

No one can deny the fact that men are obsessed with their abs. Abs are all over the cover of men’s fitness magazine and always the headline of at least one or two articles in men’s magazine. The fact that washboard abs and six pack are all over the media pressured all of us into [...]

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Six Essential Home Gym Equipment

When age catches up, the energy level goes down and calories burn slower which quickly turns into fat. All of us eventually will get old and our bodies have to go through ‘some’ changes.  Not all of these changes are bad. We just have to know how to deal with them. A 30-year-old body takes [...]

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We Ran and Walked to Stop Violence Against Women

Are you all for charity and great causes? The chances are you must be one of the 3000 over participants who thronged Padang Merbok on December 8th in support of the All Women’s Action Society’s (AWAM) inaugural White Ribbon Campaign Run and Walk 2013. With more than half the participants comprising of men and boys, [...]

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5 Work-out Myths Busted!

Attention to vain-pots and gym-rats out there! You think you know everything about gym and work out? Think again! Just like any other areas that require hard-work and dedication (ie: facial care, fashion, health etc), staying in shape is one of the most talked about topics when a bunch of guys get together. All of [...]

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Nike Sportswear What The Max Summer 2012 Collection

Need to spice things up at your workout session? No we’re not suggesting anything that has to do with those hot chicks on the treadmill! Your shoes! You can do much better than your drab sneakers because Nike Sportswear is launching the ‘What the Max’ Collection in Summer ’12 which includes the Nike Air Max [...]

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How to Lead a Frugal Life

It’s not easy living alone in the city. You have to take care of yourself and there’s no one there to nag to your ears each time you screw up. You need your mom for that but she is hundreds of miles away from you. Work is stressful and the paycheck is small. You are [...]

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Sleepy in The Office?

Working from nine to five, five days a week can take a toll on us. Combine that with unfinished workload that you sometimes have to take home with you. Being spontaneous and hitting the club with friends on weeknights? Bad idea! So you sit inside your cubicle. Trying to get things done but find it [...]

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Attention to Details

Grooming is now a word very synonymous with just about any gentleman who is serious about taking care of themselves. The best part is it doesn’t take that much of effort in terms of time and money to look good and healthy. With so many options in hair care, skin care product and just about [...]

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New Icon’s The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia

The search for Hottest Hunks in Malaysia by New Icon magazine came to its final round in a spectacular event held at KL Life last week. 30 very muscular and good looking men from as young as 24 years old muscled their way ahead of each other to win the coveted title of Hottest Hunks [...]

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