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7 Reasons Why Godfrey Gao is Cooler Than Us

If you need an idol for great skin and flawless complexion look no further than Godfrey Gao. In case you are not very familiar with the name, Godfrey Gao is an acclaimed Taiwan-Canadian actor/model who has carved a name for himself by starring in various Taiwanese dramas including Volleyball Lover and Momo Love

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Bachelor Pad Must Haves

All of us dream of a house that we can really be proud of. Somewhere that we can call our own and a place that we could come home to at the end of the day after a hectic run in the office. Our home should also be the reflection of who we are and [...]

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Celeb Designers- Would You Wear Their Stuff?

Celebrities are no longer restricted to their job descriptions of singing and acting. Same goes with athletes. They have now ventured into so many different fields from charity and product endorsement to modelling and designing. Being sucker to all things Hollywood and glamorous, we succumbed into this not-so-new craze of all things that have celebrity [...]

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In A Dash: Henry Golding

Dashing For Men, a leading men’s toiletries brand in Malaysia, is proud to present its revamped range of skin care “Dashing For Men Skin Defence System” – a revolutionary skin care range catered specifically for today’s man to unlock inner confidence. Just like any other skincare range, it needs a spokesperson. Who else is better [...]

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Love Matter: Ask Aaron- Dior Edition

Our love expert- Aaron answers relationship dilemma of Malaysia’s KPop singer Dior. Dear Aaron, Meeting the parents for the first time is always nerve-racking. Do you have any advice on how to come prepared and not feel like the whole experience is a job interview? -dior- Hey dior, Thanks for the very practical question. I [...]

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Love Matter: Ask Aaron

Dear Aaron, How do you know to move on from courting a girl? I believe in being sincere and trying my best, but some of my friends say it only makes me look desperate. But I’ve also seen so many cases where in the end, the girl gives the guy a chance and they end [...]

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Exclusive: Futuristic Designer Hideaki Lim Talks About The Past & Future

Designer Hideaki Lim took time off from his busy schedule and tells us about his past journey leading to the future in fashion. 1. What is it about fashion that first intrigued you to start your career in this industry? It started off with drawing. I have a very strong sense of color. I love [...]

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Michael Douglas Looks Dashing In Canali

Let’s be honest. Not all of us men wear suits everyday. Depending on our jobs and fields of expertise, our suits spend more time in the closet waiting for the right occasion to make its appearance. ‘Right occasions’ here refer to weddings, black-tie events and one of those very important company meetings. That’s why it [...]

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Optical 88* at Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week

Eyewear has become part of daily lives even for the perfect sighted,  as a must have  fashion accessory to enhance physical appearance or an extra edge to stand out at social events, completing the desired looks effortlessly. With that in mind, leading professional optical retail network giant Optical 88* held its first Spectacular show hosted [...]

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Bread & Butter- Summer of Denim

Our love affair with denim is never ending. Denim will never goes out of trend. Since it was first made popular among cowboys and teenagers in the fifties, denim is always the hot item of every single season in fashion for its versatility. Work or play, you can never go wrong with a pair of [...]

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