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Never Too Old to Party It Up Asahi Style!

Are a you fan of Asahi Super Dry, Japan’s No.1 beer? If you are, you better not tell us you missed Club Asahi Miami at Soju Room,Penang. Recreating one of the hottest party cosmopolitan cities in the world,  Asahi Club Miami upped the ante with its set-up and stellar performances by bringing the best of electronic [...]

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I Can Transform Ya!- Dror for Tumi

What is a typical day like for you? We spent a few hours at the gym in the morning before beating the traffic to work, lunch break at the nearby cafe at noon, meeting with clients and a drink or two at the bar after five o’clock before heading home. With so many things to [...]

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Alexis Mabille & Richard Chai at Men’s Fashion Week Singapore

The second installment of Men’s Fashion Week (MFW) Singapore 2012 saw the five-day event attended by nearly 40,000 visitors, comprising members of international, regional and Singapore media, buyers, fashionistas and VIP guests that included A-list celebrities like Korean-American actor, Daniel Henney, Hong Kong’s leading men, Ron Ng, Shawn Yue, as well as Korean singer, Se7en. [...]

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Kpop and Jpop Mania at Men’s Fashion Week (MFW) Singapore 2012

The opening night of the biggest menswear fashion event in Asia, Men’s Fashion Week (MFW) Singapore 2012, will present two spectacular shows:  one from the internationally-acclaimed Korean designer, SONGZIO, and the other from UK label SPENCER HART, who is a firm favourite of Hollywood male celebrities, accompanied by up-and-coming and well-known Asian music superstars and male supermodels. It will [...]

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Escape from The City

Day trip is an absolutely brilliant idea for those who need a little escape from the city’s demanding and not to mention, ‘draining’ lifestyle. It’s good to trade the dusty road and neon lights for a little bit of green and sunlight. And the best place to go for a quckie-vacay? I don’t know about [...]

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What’s New at Dockers?

Dockers® recently unveiled their latest SS 2012 Collection along with the new spokesperson for their Wear The Pants campaign this year. Emm-a-man was invited to have a sneak-peek at what the new collection has in store for all of us. A little bit about the brand- Dockers® has embodied the spirit of khaki for more [...]

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Music for Every Occasion

Music is a very important part of our lives. Imagine a road-trip without your favorite mixtape or being caught in the morning jam without song selections from your favorite morning radio show. Life without music is empty and little bit too quiet and no one should live that way. The best thing about music is [...]

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Stay Safe While Travelling

In the midst of all the excitement of getting ready to go off on holiday, how many of us actually remember to take the necessary precautions to ensure that we are safe? Have you? Travelling and going off on holiday, especially for an overseas holiday, may be a thrilling and exciting prospect, but never forget [...]

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Emm-a-man: All Packed Up and Ready To Go

So you’ve just found out that you have been selected to represent your company at a conference in Bangkok. The only thing bothering you right now is not the fact that you are flying economy but it’s more about the fact that you don’t really have enough time to pack. The trip is in two [...]

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Penang Travel Guide: Exploring the Pearl of the Orient

Known as the pearl of the orient, lovely Penang is one of the top 10 must visit islands of the world according to Yahoo! Which is great news for us Malaysians because it’s right here in our very own country! In this travel guide, I’ll take you around the beautiful island. There’s something for everyone, [...]

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