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Seven-item Christmas Wishlist with Lazada

Christmas is just around the corner! Some of us have been waiting for this for so long with flight tickets booked in advance and Christmas party planned meticulously to the very last detail. But there is just one last thing to take care of—The Christmas presents. Emm-a-man has been very consistent when it comes to [...]

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4 Local Value-for-Money Online Stores

We have featured several online stores that sell men’s stuff here on Emm-a-man before. Since then—being a bunch of avid online shoppers ourselves, we have actually manage to discover even more local online stores which cater to all of us—real gentlemen who shop. The best part is you don’t need a big paycheck and fancy [...]

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The Hottest Made-in-Malaysia Underwear Labels

We may not always pay attention to this but what we are wearing underneath our clothes (pants particularly) really matters. First of all, we need to feel comfortable and second of all it is very important for us to ‘breathe’ down there. Aside from these factors, modern gentlemen are more ‘adventurous’ when it comes to [...]

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Retail Therapy For Under RM50

We received great feedback on our last article on budget-shopping tips. Well afterall, we started off from Emmagem, our sister-website which is all about online shopping. It is no surprise that we are bargain-hunting is one of our expertise. Life in KL is not cheap anyway. We have to do what we have to do to get [...]

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Retail Therapy for Under RM100?

So money is a little tight this month but you still want to buy something for yourself as a reward after the endless hours spent at the office. Sometimes even on Saturday. We can’t deny the effect of retail therapy. Perhaps not all of us agree with this statement, but finally being able to get [...]

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Online Shopping For The Gentlemen

Who says men don’t like to shop? We have come across friends and relatives (of male specimen of course) who have more stuff than their partners, thanks to their penchant for spending and buying stuff that sometimes could be borderline unnecessary. Think along the line of home-décor items, gadgets, grooming products and of course clothes. [...]

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Margiela x H&M Pieces Revealed!

We are still over the moon about the fact that H&M has finally arrived on our shores. The store in Lot 10 was packed for weeks and people could still be seen queuing up outside waiting for their turn to shop at the superstore, even days after the official opening. And then there was the [...]

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Avicii X Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

If you like to party, the chances are you might have danced and sing-a-long to Avicii’s “Levels”. The song is such a huge hit at the club and just about any kind of parties we have all been to- from fashion shows to private launches. The crowd really lose control each time the first few [...]

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Jimmy Choo Store For Him and For Her

For quite some time, Jimmy Choo used to be the brand that caters only to women. FYI, Jimmy Choo did make shoes and accessories for men in the past but it has been discontinued since 2002. From then on, we entered Jimmy Choo store with the missus just to take our credit cards out of [...]

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Up to The Sky With Watches from Aviator

Watch is a crucial accessories in every man’s wardrobe. It’s a symbol of luxury and status to some but for others it’s just a device to tell them the time. Well at least each time you check you watch, you want to be looking at something nice and special that separates you from others. If you want [...]

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