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No Hipster No!!

Hipster used to be a very exclusive ‘community’ that everyone wanted to become a part of. Now that more than half of the people who hang out at Publika and grow facial hair unapologetically claimed themselves to be one, we started to look the other way and questioned the authenticity of this whole idea of [...]

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How to Stay in Shape and Still Enjoy the Turkey

It’s not easy to resist the temptation with all those food on the table. With so many parties and gathering to attend, we can’t help but surrender with plates in our hands ready to hit the buffet table. But once we go back to the daily grind, the first morning of returning back to work seems unbearable [...]

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Palmistry Part 8: The marriage line continued

Author: Prof. Yoshifumi Harada Today we are going to talk about when a person will marry and then discuss the troubles in marriage. It’s not easy to forecast the exact time from the marriage line only. We have to consider the heart and life line as well.  As mentioned last week, the estimating the time [...]

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Out and About- What’s New in Town – Win and Dine

  Where To Go — Live it up @ the New LIFE CENTRE ! Hey Guys! Say hello to the revamped LIFE CENTRE! No matter you are single or taken, with family or living in KL alone, LIFE CENTRE offers you a unique place with gastronomic delights and exciting events, for you to hang out [...]

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Out & About-What To Do (on St.Patrick’s Day) – Pub Crawl & Irish Night

Option 1: GUINNES St Patrick’s Pub Crawl   I guess nothing is more exciting than chilling out with your pals in a cool pub at Saturday night while St.Patrick’s is back and promises to bring MARCH MORE FUN!  Yes,  Malaysia’s Biggest Guinness St Patrick’s Pub crawl is going to be held from 15th till 17th of March [...]

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Menswear Fall 2013- The Accessories

Menswear Fashion Week for Fall 2013 is officially over. We have talked about it and we have decided what to love what to not love as well as what to wear and what to skip for the season of fall this year. But amidst all that, the accessories have to be among the most debatable [...]

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

(Editor’s note: Let’s welcome our new colleague, Lily, to the team! Read her article below on how people in China are chasing after material goods in place of happiness, which was published on Ovi Magazine.)   Talking of China, most people must be thinking about The Great Wall, low cost Made-in-China goods, and the fast growing [...]

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Is That A Unibrow?!

What is your definition of grooming? Is it simply doing the 3-steps on you face, shaving and getting a haircut every twice a month? Have you ever considered eyebrow-trimming as part of your grooming regime? Unibrow? Now that’s a sight to avoid. Nobody wants to be compared to Ernie of The ,Sesame Street. Come on! [...]

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Fall 2012 Trend: Bright Suits

Suit used to be drab and boring. It is more common among businessmen and people who are of certain position in a company or cooperation. Suit also used to be the measure of  one’s success. Once you have a suit on, people will look up to you and certain kind of respect is automatically earned. But [...]

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British Invasion- Ben Sherman Has Landed In Malaysia!

The wait is officially over as British super-brand Ben Sherman is now available in Malaysia. The brand has opened not only one but two stores in Klang Valley; one in Bangsar Village II and the other one in Pavilion KL. So what’s the fuss about Beb Sherman? Well we are sure you have at least [...]

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