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In A Dash: Henry Golding

Dashing For Men, a leading men’s toiletries brand in Malaysia, is proud to present its revamped range of skin care “Dashing For Men Skin Defence System” – a revolutionary skin care range catered specifically for today’s man to unlock inner confidence. Just like any other skincare range, it needs a spokesperson. Who else is better [...]

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Love Matter: Ask Aaron- Dior Edition

Our love expert- Aaron answers relationship dilemma of Malaysia’s KPop singer Dior. Dear Aaron, Meeting the parents for the first time is always nerve-racking. Do you have any advice on how to come prepared and not feel like the whole experience is a job interview? -dior- Hey dior, Thanks for the very practical question. I [...]

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The Beach Essentials

It’s always nice to go to the beach spending some time under the sun, surrounded by the white sand and the blue ocean. It’s a far cry from the hectic life in the city. You just want to get away and leave everything behind even for awhile. But deep inside, you are still such a [...]

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How to Survive The Football Season

Euro 2012 is here. We’re sure you have seen zombies walking all around you especially in the morning back at the office. If you are not one of them that is. Staying up late watching the game and waking up the next day at 6am to go to work? Crazy huh? Well not for all [...]

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Fighting The Acne with Garnier Men Acno Fight 6-in-1

Men today are more active and dynamic. We are constantly on the move, playing soorts, working all day and then spending time with our friends and family. We have to juggle our everyday routine; our lifestyle requires us to live life to the fullest. Making the most of what we have, men today need to [...]

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Jimmy Choo Store For Him and For Her

For quite some time, Jimmy Choo used to be the brand that caters only to women. FYI, Jimmy Choo did make shoes and accessories for men in the past but it has been discontinued since 2002. From then on, we entered Jimmy Choo store with the missus just to take our credit cards out of [...]

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How to Lead a Frugal Life

It’s not easy living alone in the city. You have to take care of yourself and there’s no one there to nag to your ears each time you screw up. You need your mom for that but she is hundreds of miles away from you. Work is stressful and the paycheck is small. You are [...]

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About Schmidt

We love Zooey Deschanel. It must have something to do with her goofiness and her innocent charm. Sometimes it feels like she’s just one of the boys like the character that she plays in FOX’s TV series New Girl . But Jess (her character) is not the only reason we stay tuned to the hit [...]

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Optical 88* at Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week

Eyewear has become part of daily lives even for the perfect sighted,  as a must have  fashion accessory to enhance physical appearance or an extra edge to stand out at social events, completing the desired looks effortlessly. With that in mind, leading professional optical retail network giant Optical 88* held its first Spectacular show hosted [...]

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dude & the duchess Takes Us Back to the Sixties

dude & the duchess is stepping out this summer in strong and solid colour combinations that reflect the sophisticated approach of simplicity both for men (dudes) and women (duchess), just like Emm-a-man and Emmagem. Classic neutrals like beige and tan blend with pale gold and bleached sand, echoing timelessness. The three main accents of Yves [...]

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