How have the flat stomach after pregnancy - Women Tips

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One concern that many women have when they decide to get pregnant is how will the belly after pregnancy. With the baby growing day after day, the dream of having or maintaining the right abdomen will depend directly of care in pre, during and post pregnancy.

The physiotherapist specialist dermatofuncional, pilates, urogynecology and obstetrics, Amanda Gomes says that each case is different but nowadays due to advances in technology, medicine and aesthetics, back to before the body is even easier.

The big secret for a flat stomach postpartum

One of the major problems that some women face during pregnancy is diastasis. It is the separation of the abdominal muscles right and left. You know the muscles that make up the "gominhos" in the belly and that there are in pairs? Well, these are muscles that can get away too much and cause diastasis. It is like a "hole" between the two muscles.

Diastasis can happen in pregnancy and women who do not practice physical activities and do not work the abdomen is more likely to develop the problem during pregnancy.

The earlier the diagnosis is made, the better. A few days after delivery, you can identify the diastasis, which could be felt in tact and exams, according to Amanda:

"In the mother's assessment postpartum, with this lying, the therapist puts his fingers, keeping your open hand below the navel; calls to the mother to raise her head and direct your hands toward your knees. The physiotherapist will then be able to feel both the width and the length of any separation of the upright, "explains physiotherapist.

The most appropriate treatment for diastasis is exercise and a woman should always do so accompanied by a physical therapist. The most drastic measure would be plastic surgery to suture the abdominal muscles.

According to Amanda, strengthening the pelvic floor and the muscles before and during pregnancy are two factors that help, and that the woman resume straight belly before.

Among the exercises that help strengthen the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor physiotherapist quotes:

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises work to strengthen the pelvic floor, ie the perineal area. This assists the woman in postpartum preventing urinary incontinence due to overload of the uterus on the bladder, besides contributing to the resumption of fitness prior to pregnancy.


Pilates is one of the most enjoyable activities for women seeking to return to good shape after pregnancy. He works the body as a whole, and the strengthening promoting, wellness and quality of life for women.

Use of vaginal cones and Pompoir

Another option to strengthen the region of the pelvic floor and avoid problems such as urinary incontinence and sagging sphincter (anus) is the Pompoir, ie the intimate exercises done with proper equipment aid, as shown in the video of the physiotherapist.

Importance of physical activity for those who want to resume a flat stomach

Provided with follow-up and released by doctors and specialists, physical activity is essential for those who dream stay with before belly. As well as helping to strengthen the muscles and work muscles that have suffered overload, the exercises provide a healthier life.

Importantly, the woman should respect the guard time given to his case, which varies according to the type of delivery, among other factors:

"In view of the surgical process and this overhead in the perineum the return statement to the activities is about 2 months, when there caesarean. When there is normal delivery, so that women feel at ease. Worth remembering that it is very important to perform exercises that do not force either the perineum. "Says Amanda.

5 golden tips to regain shape after pregnancy

How have the flat stomach after pregnancy - Women Tips

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1. Follow a targeted feeding nutritionist

The adequate and healthy food is essential both for the health of mother and baby, as well as being a great ally in the back of the stomach to normal postpartum.

Amanda reveals that, while having the power recommended by doctors and nutritionists, the woman will avoid too fat and tighten the skin of the belly. "Since there was a healthy diet during pregnancy, pregnant automatically will fatten the natural kilos of pregnancy."

2. Bet on lymphatic drainage and aesthetic treatments

Besides food and physical activities, beauty treatments allow women get a good push in the resumption of before body.

Amanda reveals that lymphatic drainage has fundamental value in the postpartum in order to reduce fluid retention. To other treatments, have a flat stomach postpartum is easier:

"Treatments like carboxiterapia, acupuncture, lipocavitação, radio, roller chain and several other facilitate the elimination of unwanted flab. Pilates has brought enough benefits to moms who want to return to the perfect body ", indicates Amanda.

3. Breastfeeding is great ally in weight loss

Breastfeeding is also an excellent ally in the time to lose the weight gained during pregnancy and resumption of straight abdomen. This is because breast-feeding every three hours leads to an average expenditure of 500 calories a day, says the expert, who adds: "It is hoped that in six months of exclusive breastfeeding mom lose 0.5 to 1 kg per month."

Breastfeeding also releases important hormones in the recovery of body and belly before. Amanda reveals: "Breastfeeding causes the belly miss that aspect of pregnancy that remains even after delivery. This is because when breastfeeding is the release of oxytocin, a hormone that, among other important tasks, helps the uterus return to normal size. "

4. Avoid sagging following the rule of 12kg

Better than cure is prevention. Not gain weight beyond what is necessary is one of the best ways to recover the body before and avoid the dreaded sagging.

If a woman has acquired many extra kilos, the difficulty in eliminating the extra skin increases considerably. So the ideal is not put on weight over 12 kg, according to the expert:

"Hardly in cases where the woman very fattening she can regain belly before. Sometimes she can lose weight but usually is that excess skin. "Ponders the physiotherapist.

But if sagging occurs, there are ways to reverse the situation, with cosmetic procedures and in more severe cases surgery, says physical therapist.

5. Genetics has great influence on the recovery of the body

Genetics is a great ally in time to regain her slender body as before, but women who do not have this aid can also dream of the dry belly after pregnancy. The expert reveals that having adequate food and practicing physical activities, the right abdomen is possible for any one:

"Some (women) by already practicing physical activities and have a great power before pregnancy and during have the same care can fatten only the appropriate weight for gestation and when it postpartum go resuming soon your body." Says Amanda .

Care that the woman should have

How have the flat stomach after pregnancy - Women Tips

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Amanda says that walking, aerobics, dance, pilates, lymphatic drainage and proper nutrition are some of the best care that women can have for health is in good standing and belly back more easily to normal postpartum period: "It is noteworthy that pregnancy is not a disease, but requires some care! "he adds.

Have all the necessary medical care, with experts able to assess what is best for each case is also essential for the changes happening in the body in a healthy way.

"Pregnancy is a sublime moment in the life of any woman and this period care is essential to have it in a healthy manner, taking into account the recovery and body restructuring for the sake of health and well-being," advises the expert .