Earrings tips for maid of honor - Women Tips

As for the dress godmother should be well chosen accessories used by it must also be clean to make beautiful bride next to the wedding day. Among other complements the visual, the Godmother for earrings earn highlight.

How to choose

The size of earrings for wedding must be in accordance with the time of the ceremony. small and medium models, not too bright and cheerful colors match ceremonies during the day.

Already the most striking, large and bright stones are more daring and ideal for weddings at night.

But it is not only the size of the earrings that counts. To choose Godmother for earrings perfect, one should take into account the costume that will be used.

Earrings must be in harmony with the dress, but the colors do not have to be exactly the same tone.

If in doubt when choosing, opt for more neutral colors or shades approximate and marry her look.

earrings suggestions for maid of honor

Earrings tips for maid of honor - Women Tips

Earrings with shiny stones leave the look even more elegant and give full force to the look, especially if a dress with darker shades. For the earrings to gain greater prominence in the ears, do hairstyles prisoners to leave the ears exposed.

Earrings tips for maid of honor - Women Tips

Invest in earrings that suit you and your dress and spice up your visual giving a charming touch to the look.