Photo: Playback / Francinha

Photo: Playback / Francinha

Lemon pie is a dessert that is very successful, and appeals to most people, even those who are not fans of "very sweet candy." This is because the lemon azedinho contrasts perfectly with the sweet cream that pie (generally prepared with condensed milk).

It is also a great dessert for when you want to "get away" a little candy made chocolate base (usually made more often).

The key lime pie usually do the most successful in family lunches, for example, and depending on the presentation, you can even be served at birthday parties.

is mistaken, however, who think that lemon pie recipe is always the same! There are numerous ways to make a good pie - even some healthier versions (can you believe it?)! Be inspired by the suggestions below:

1. traditional lemon pie: a successful dessert on family birthdays and lunches, and appreciated by most people! The base is made with cornstarch cookie, which "breaks" further azedinho the filling, since the cover is lighter.

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2. simple lemon pie: easy recipe for about an hour is ready. You will only use cookie cornstarch, unsalted butter, condensed milk, eggs, lemon and limes. A delicious dessert to do whenever the mood strikes!

3. lemon pie with champagne wafer: ideal for when it will receive visitors at home. This is a quick dessert, delicious and pleasing to most guests. The dough is made with champagne biscuit, wafer Maria and margarine.

4. lemon pie with meringue: a different way to make the traditional lemon pie. You will use basically buttery biscuit, butter, vanilla extract, condensed milk, sour cream, lemon juice, colorless gelatin, and add trituradinhos sighs before serving.

5. lemon pie with Italian meringue: recipe that takes about an hour and a half to get ready and yields a pie the size of a form of 30cm in diameter, removable bottom. The Italian meringue is made with water, refined sugar and egg whites.

6. Lemon pie: slightly different pies found in Brazil. It takes enough lemon juice in the filling, so if you use the common lemon, can put a little less. The meringue pie complements, and the result is a very pretty dessert.

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7. Lemon pie with baked dough: easy to make and delicious. It is light, chilled and sorrel in the right spot. In addition, the dough is crisp and supergostosa eating.

8. chocolate and lemon pie: it is a pie that mixes well with the sweet azedinho, ideal for anyone who is not a fan of very sweet cloying. The dough is made in a very simple way and the result of the dessert, overall, it's amazing.

9. lemon pie with ganache: a different and very tasty recipe, good tip for those who like to vary the preparation of the traditional lemon pie. The ganache is made with dark chocolate and a box of sour cream.

10. lemon shortcake spoon with cream cheese: different, is delicious and a great presentation. Good tip to serve a special lunch or even a birthday. The lemon azedinho perfectly with the sweetness of the berries and the flavor of cream cheese.

11. Lemon Pie in cup: great tip for parties. In addition to delicious, it's practice, ensuring a "unique and well served portion" of sweet and still gracing the party table. Not to mention that appeals to most of the guests!

12. Pie three lemons: different recipe does not take merengue, resulting in a less sweet dessert. Mix lemon devil, limes and lemon. But you can do with the lemon you want / have at home!

13. Lemon pie brulee: a special and different recipe. You will use icing sugar, butter, egg, wheat flour, macadamia nuts, salt, lemon, cream, refined sugar and granulated sugar.

14. lemon pie with cookies: different and practical recipe, resulting in a delicious pie. To do whenever the mood strikes! You basically use sour cream, sugar, lemon juice, chocolate and butter cookies.

15. lemon pie with Oreo: the base is made with Oreo cookie and butter, giving a unique flavor to this dessert. For the mousse you will only use condensed milk, lemon, cream and lemon zest. Finally, meringue made with egg whites and sugar.

16. Lemon cheesecake pie: quick and easy, not to mention that is delicious and a great presentation. It takes a few ingredients and do not have to bake. Good tip for dessert weekend!

17. Pie lemon mousse: a pie that combines creaminess and crunchiness of an incredible way. Lemon azedinho touch makes it a dessert worshiped even by those who do not enjoy very sweet.

18. French lemon pie: simple and delicious. Great tip for when you want a different dessert, or simply to get away a little of desserts made with chocolate. Not to mention that yields, with a good dessert for entertaining. It is delicious and makes a great impression.

19. Lemon Pie Vegan: a pie to eat without guilt! This is a dessert without sugar, vegan, nutritious and tasty. The taste is different from the traditional lemon cake (with condensed milk and cream), but it loses nothing in flavor and is a great option for those who prize for a healthier diet.

20. lactose lemon pie: a delicious dessert, especially for those who are lactose intolerant. You will use only wafer cornstarch, margarine, soy condensed milk, soy cream and lemon juice.

21. protein lemon pie: delicious, neat in protein and low carb. ideal dessert for those who follow a diet with low carbohydrate intake. Each slice of the pie has approximately 24g of good fats, carbohydrates 3.5g, 6.5g and 15.5g fiber protein.

22. functional lemon pie: a healthy version of this traditional dessert. The filling is done basically with cashew nuts, water, raw sugar juice of lemon, lemon zest, vegetable milk, agar, or gelatin colorless.

Good recipes to prepare a delicious lemon tart abound, whether in the traditional version, different or even healthier! Choose your favorite and be sure to hit the dessert!