How to wash black clothes without losing color - Women Tips

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Black clothes are always present in large quantities in most people's wardrobe. Being a versatile color that blends well with other pieces, black is one of the darlings.

The question arises at the time of washing dark clothes. It is common to see balls, hair and lint that give appearance of the old parts. What can also occur is a fading of the clothes in the first few washes.

The pieces of black clothing warrant extra attention and to prevent stains and fading, you need to follow some simple steps at the time of separation and washing. Did you know that black clothes should be washed inside out, extended in the shade and preferably without the use of fasteners?

Check out some tips that can make the task easier. Below, also check out a video that explains, in a very didactic way, like washing clothes escurar properly.

Walkthrough: washing dark clothes

Following the steps below, you can wash your dark clothes with ease, avoiding the, polka dots and fading. Suggestions are the personal organizer Adriani Gonçalves. Check how to separate colors and fabrics and how to choose the ideal temperature and the washing cycle for washing:

  1. Color separation: First, make color separation: black, colored and white;
  2. Tissue Separation: Moreover, it is also important to separate tissue types: towels, sweatshirts, fine fabrics, wool and silk. This will prevent the accumulation of hair in parts;
  3. Pre-wash: If the parts are with a stain such as grease or dirt, it is necessary to make a pre-wash by applying a product for removing stains;
  4. Clothes inside out: It is recommended to turn the black clothes inside out to put them in the machine;
  5. Wash cycle: Opt by gentle washing cycle, which helps not only to protect the more delicate parts, as also leaves his clothes and filter its free machine fibers and yarns that can break up and become loose during a washing program more long and intense;
  6. Temperature: Adjust the temperature, as hot water can damage the black clothes, causing fading and even shrinkage of the part.

General tips and tricks to wash black clothes without fading or damage

How to wash black clothes without losing color - Women Tips

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In washing, care must be taken in the form of dry, expand and move the clothes. They are simple steps, but that will help you maintain good appearance of your dark clothes.

  • If the clothes are black with hair and lint, before washing them you can brush them with a soft brush to avoid damaging the fabric fiber; They are often just leaving washings easily after being scrubbed;
  • To prevent further fading, a basic rule is never leave a lot of sauce time pieces;
  • Dry black clothes always under the sun and fresh air. Do not leave clothes in the sun, you can speed up the process of fading;
  • On the line, avoid clothes pins that can cause unwanted marks on the ends of the parts, just put the piece inside out on the clothesline without preachers;
  • Time to move, read label recommendation attention to use the optimal temperature for the type of fabric;
  • Another trick to black clothes do not fade is to add a little salt or vinegar during washing and rinsing. There are special products to maintain the color, but the vinegar or salt are always available in any kitchen;
  • Some products suggested to facilitate cleaning are pre-wash - stain removers, fabric softeners and liquid soap - medium used, adhesive roller to remove the balls and;
  • The preference for liquid soap is suggested to prevent staining on clothes;
  • To remove hair or the animal in black clothes, it is recommended to use a sponge to wash dishes, that has not been used in the kitchen or that you only use for this purpose. Pass the rougher side of the piece, making circular movements and carefully not to cause damage;
  • Do not use razor and stylus to remove the balls and clothes. If you do not have an adhesive roll, you can do something. Simply wrap a little tape on hand, leaving the surface with glue to the outside, and press the tape against the clothes, sticking and desgrudando to take balls and white lint.

Video: washing black clothes without suffering

Below you can see a video with more tips on caring for the black clothes.

With these tips on how to wash black clothes will be easy to let your darker parts always beautiful, elegant and the free.