Your dating can turn marriage? Do the test!

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In the past, marriages were usually combined by the grooms family that often only known shortly before the ceremony. More recently, the dating came about, it was almost always a kind of "test" for the couple know better. After this phase, which used to be relatively short, soon thought of a more serious commitment.

Times have changed and with the independence achieved by women, today many of us are dating without worrying about whether the relationship or not you end up in marriage. Still, after some time together, it is almost inevitable imagine how it would divide the same roof with that special someone.

If you've been dating for some time and are still not sure about the boy's intentions, make our test and find out if there is the possibility of a "may kiss the bride" in the future of this relationship.

  1. Do you always fight?
  2. Never. Our ideas and values ​​are close and when they are not, we solve the problem with dialogue.
    Ever. Hardly agree with something without arguing.
    Rarely. In most cases we achieved a consensus.

  3. You get along with his family?
  4. No, they do not like me and I feel exactly the same for them.
    Much. I feel totally involved with them.
    More or less, I am not very close but we understand each other well.

  5. He gets along well with your family?
  6. They do not live long, but they seem to respect.
    No, he just failed to win the people back home.
    Too much, sometimes I think I like him more than me.

  7. You make plans together?
  8. Ever. We have very similar life goals and have talked to about buying a house or a car together.
    We never talk about long-term projects for both of us.
    We planned some things together, such as travel, for example, but nothing too serious.

  9. You often see often?
  10. Every day. We just can not stay away from each other.
    No. Usually we see ourselves only on weekends.
    Yes but the more frequent meetings, more fight.

  11. How is the professional career of the two of you?
  12. Good, but we have not yet sustain.
    Excellent. We've managed to keep themselves and to purchase durable goods.
    Complicated. We still need to hit us professionally.

  13. If you could define your relationship in one word, it would be:
  14. Desire.