Betrayal is forgiveness? - Women Tips

Being betrayed is an experience which, face it, no one would like to have. But when the betrayal happens, one question is inevitable: betrayal is forgiveness? Even through the pain and frustration, you need to take time to make the right decision. And although the urge to throw it all away is greater, it is important not to get carried away by emotions and to use your rational side to choose to forgive or end the relationship.

Cool head and think whether it is worth forgiving. Remember that forgiveness is not reveal but totally forget what happened. After all, it is necessary to deal with the situation to continue to live with a person who cheated and made you suffer without hold grudges, much less blame on the partner all the time.

If you can not forgive or realize that the person does not deserve, it may be that the best is done. It is normal that the betrayed person's self-esteem be shaken and there is some fear of entering into another relationship, but being betrayed once does not mean always being betrayed.

Knowing the reason that led to the error helps overcome a betrayal, but the first step to forgiveness is to want to forgive. If you consider that it was just a slip and the relationship can make you overcome the pain, face the betrayal as just another obstacle to be overcome.

Despite all the suffering, betrayal when forgiven can be an opportunity for the two grow up to be more accomplices of each other, you may end up strengthening the relationship. However, rebuild trust can be a slow process and requires dedication of both parties.