8 signs that he is flirting with you - Women Tips

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It has hottest thing to flirt? All the flirting ritual is fun and exciting and makes us want to be beautiful and interesting. You already know what to do, even unconsciously, but what about him? How to be sure if he is flirting with you?

absolutely sure you can not have. It may even be a bit rare, but there are men who can approach only with the interest of creating a friendship, and some evidence can be confusing. Much will be in charge of your perception.

Each person has a way to approach and its limits, and the relationship also has no way to follow a pattern. But always there are some general behaviors that may characterize a flirtation.

Pamela explains Magalhães, psychologist expert on relationships, "by being interested in someone, our body tends to trigger our intention, getting closer, more open, looking for the contact." Notice the body language of the other is the first step to know about your plans with you.

Here are some signs that he might be flirting with you

  1. It invites you to leave alone
  2. Suddenly he invites you to leave just the two of you, this is a great indication that he wants something from you. An invitation to a party of his friends, a dinner or just a cafe, it is certainly an attitude that shows he wants your company and further, that he wants to have a special moment, without the interference of others. Take the opportunity to show what you have to get better and avoid making charminho to accept the invitation, if you care, go for it.

  3. It takes the right moments to touch you
  4. In those times when the conversation is closer he takes to touch you lightly? When a man is in order he usually takes to touch you at the right times. Take your hand, fix your hair or make you some affection demonstrates care and desire to create intimacy with you.

  5. He praises you
  6. If he has the habit of directing you praise and compliments, he may be interested in you. In addition to demonstrating that he admires you, men know very well that we love receiving compliments. And who does not? Are compliments about their appearance or their way of thinking, at least he'll be demonstrating that likes you in some way.

  7. He is keen to stand by you
  8. At the party, the beer in the bar or in college. Wherever it is, if it is always on your side and ends up preferring the events where you go, it's clear that he likes his company. So for him to want to be with you is a leap! What may matter more in a relationship than the desire to be with each other all the time?

  9. It implies and makes jokes with you
  10. This behavior is explained by Pâmela Magalhães psychologist: "Sometimes we have the feeling that a friend or co-worker decided to take the scapegoat. But in fact it is so attracted and can not handle the fact that the only way is to go beyond the interest is 'getting on your feet.' Well, there are those who have a hard time dealing with their desires, remember that famous phrase, 'Who turns away, want to buy?' "

  11. He looks you deeply
  12. Nothing better to understand what goes on inside someone than the look. The way he looks at you, look the length of time and even the gleam in his eyes can tell a lot about his intentions towards you. If he takes the time to look you deeply, or is that silly face when their eyes meet, be smart, it may be that he's wanting you.

  13. It gives you priority
  14. With more than one event or choice of where to go, he gives preference to where you are? He asks what your plans and are invited to go along? If he prioritizes his company and his will for sure he's trying to please you and spend all the time possible with you. At the time of ride is you he calls to go along? This can be a great indicator that he likes you.

  15. He gets a little nervous when you're at your side
  16. Men are not so sure of themselves at the time of flirting. If he gets a little dilapidated and do not pay much attention to what other people are saying, reckless in time to get something or decide which way to go, maybe he likes you so much that you can not keep track. And it's not a delight when this happens?

Trust your intuition and with the help of these tips, finish once with doubts as to his interest towards you.