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The need for professional development is growing in a labor market increasingly demanding. Due to the easy accessibility, online courses has become a great option. Currently online courses offer interactive features, demonstration lessons and support materials for study, resulting in a guaranteed learning, and the best: all this without the need to leave home.

One of the great advantages of performing an online course is the flexible schedule, not needing to book a pre-determined only for travel time, and may do so according to the individual schedule and preference of each.

The pace of learning also varies according to personal performance, including the student can attend classes available more than once, so as to remedy any questions that arose.

In this sense, makeup courses and automaquiagem are interesting not only for those who want to become a professional in the field, but also for those who prefer to do their own makeup without leaving home. Check out some of these online makeup courses and choose what best suits your needs and abilities:

professional makeup course with Bianca Andrade

The online course with the makeup artist Bianca Andrade has 24 video lessons, exclusive content and certificate of completion. The make-up artist addresses topics targeted to those people who wish to work with professional makeup, with tips relating to the profession, such amount to be charged, organization, and customer relationships. The cost of the course is $ 39.90 and can be purchased here.

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makeup course with Juliana Góes

The online course has 21 video lessons covering basic issues such as the guidance of how to ride a necessaire, preparation of skin function of each item of makeup and makeup for different occasions. The course also comes with an e-book as collateral. The value is $ 29.90, and can be purchased here.

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make-up course to the eye by Juliana Balduíno

The make-up artist Juliana Balduíno offers an online course with techniques directed to eye makeup, presenting and explaining the tools to be used in an ideal makeup. The course is presented in 21 classes, with unique content and certificate at the end. The value is $ 39.90, and is sold through this link.

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automaquiagem Course Contains 1g

A Contains 1g makeup brand in partnership with the blogger Camila Coelho present the course online automaquiagem where Camila gives skin care tips, makeup for the day-to-day, and how to turn a day of makeup for makeup for night. The course is free and can be seen for free on the blog of Camila Coelho.

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makeup course I love Makeup - Natura

The brand offers free video lessons along with the makeup artist Marcos Costa, addressing this skin preparation, step-by-step makeup, and different styles. On the site I love makeup, various techniques are demonstrated with the makeup explanation.

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Self makeup course Iped

The online learning portal offers Iped automaquiagem classes with content like makeup over time, specific makeup for different occasions and interaction with other students. The course has a value of R $ 79.90 with certificate at the end, and to be free option of 20 hours time, but without certification. To access it, just click here, several techniques are demonstrated with the makeup explanation.

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Remember that for the courses to take effect, it is important to get good products and practice a lot. If a professional makeup artist to become or do makeup like a professional is your dream, invest in courses and call her friends to train the looks on their beautiful faces. Good classes!