How to react to a betrayal - Women Tips

when betrayal It happens, beyond the inevitable dilemma about forgiving or not the question arises of how to respond to the incident. It is better to pretend that nothing happened to preserve the relationship? Them in return? Plot revenge?

It is no use pretending that nothing has changed, the betrayal It happened and now we need to deal with the contradictory feelings it aroused. Sadness is part of the process and then it comes despair, anger, guilt, grief. Each needs some time to think and react, Respect your time.

After the whirlwind of feelings, is the time to think of you before taking any decision. Think about what will make happier, to be honest with you and appreciate only their feelings. It is important not to forget that everything you do should be seeking the best for your life.

Made the decision to move on or try to rebuild the relationship, talk to your partner. It takes a lot of dialogue and understanding to prevent the situation from recurring. Evaluate what happened, the betrayal when forgiven can be an opportunity for the two grow up to be more accomplices of each other, you may end up strengthening the relationship.

If you can not forgive or realize that the person does not deserve, it might be best to end the relationship. Not everyone can handle the situation to continue to live with a person that cheated and made to suffer without hold grudges, much less blame on the partner all the time.

Forgive a betrayal or not, it depends on each and there are no income or following steps to do this or that. When we talk about feelings and situations like betrayal, for example, each person has a different kind of reaction. Therefore there is no formula to react to a sellout.