How to calculate the fertile period - Women Tips

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It may seem something obvious and simple, but find out when such a fertile period is still a dilemma for many women is - both for those who want to get pregnant as soon as possible as to who still want to avoid having a baby at the time.

Other women still to know, more or less, when calculating your fertile period occurs, but know little about it ...

What, in fact, that term means? The woman usually have any symptoms during their fertile period? These and other questions will be answered below.

What is fertile?

Marcello Valle, specialist in Human Reproduction, director of Origen Clinic, explains that fertile period is the time of the menstrual cycle when it becomes more likely fertilization of egg by sperm and therefore pregnancy.

Therefore, the fertile period is the time when a woman is most likely to conceive, as called ovulation occurs - when the ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized.

How to calculate the fertile period?

How to calculate the fertile period - Women Tips

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Marcello Valle explains that menstruation usually comes after two days of a small bleeding. "It is from the period should be counted menstrual cycle. A cycle with a mean duration of 28 days, the woman can calculate your fertile period from the most likely date of ovulation, which is the 14th day of the cycle, "he says.

It notes that, in ovulation, the egg down the fallopian tubes and is available for the sperm. But we must consider that the body is not a "machine", ie the same way that not all women have a regular menstrual cycle (at the same time every month), the fertile period can not happen just in one day .

Thus, the woman and her partner should be ever mindful according to their intention:

  • If the desire is to get pregnant, the ideal time to have intercourse is 3 days before to three days after the expected day for ovulation.
  • But if the desire is to prevent pregnancy, you need attention because even if intercourse occurs one or two days before the fertile period, the sperm still "may have breath to fulfill its mission." This is because sperm can survive up to 72 hours after intercourse.

Tip: Use rhythm Woman Tips to calculate your fertile period easily and to plan according to their goals.

It is worth remembering that the table starts with the 1st day of the menstrual cycle, ie the first day of menstruation.

How to calculate the fertile period - Women Tips

Rhythm to get pregnant. Credits: Woman Tips

Marcello Valle still is a warning. "A woman can get pregnant at any time of the cycle, however, the more likely it is during the fertile period usually is between the 12th and the 16th day of the cycle," he recalls.

regulated menstrual cycles x deregulated menstrual cycles

How to calculate the fertile period - Women Tips

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As shown in the case of women with a regular menstrual cycle, calculate the fertile period is not a difficult task.

However, for women with deregulated menstrual cycles, calculate the fertile period is a challenge. "In women with menstrual irregularity is not possible to determine when it will be the most likely day of ovulation and therefore calculate the fertile period happens to be a difficult task," said Marcello Valle.

It is noteworthy, however, that not having a menstrual cycle of 28 days does not mean, in any way, that there is something wrong with the woman's body. Every body works in a way. The important thing is to make routine appointments with a gynecologist who will guide, among other things, on the care that a couple can take to prevent pregnancy, as well as what you can do to try to get pregnant, so when desired.

Symptoms during the fertile period

How to calculate the fertile period - Women Tips

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This is another common question that often arises: does the woman feel something strange during their fertile period?

Marcello Valle points out that yes, that is, there may be some symptoms related to this period:

  • There may be a small rise in basal body temperature;
  • Cervical mucus can become more noticeable and fluid;
  • There may be a slight pelvic pain due to ovulation.

Tips for those who want to get pregnant

How to calculate the fertile period - Women Tips

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When a couple decides they want to get pregnant it is difficult to calm expectations! But the woman is important to know that anxiety can disrupt this process!

This is because, it is worth noting, the hypothalamus (brain area) is who regulates the menstrual cycle, but it also relates to the limbic system - which is exactly the origin and control of emotions. That is, if the emotion is unregulated, deregulate up the ovulation stimulation, and without proper ovulation, the woman does not become pregnant.

The couple who wish to become pregnant should have sex in key dates: the ideal time is around (3 days before to 3 days after) ovulation.

In the past it was believed that some positions during intercourse could contribute to that woman could get pregnant faster. But today, doctors do not prescribe any specific position. It is up to the couple, who may or may not have their beliefs.

A healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, is also important in the life of the woman who wants to become pregnant. In the case of obese women, including weight loss can help a lot. Therefore, the recommendation is to always eat low fat and low calorie foods. A dietitian can also be a good ally in this period.

Girl Boy x

How to calculate the fertile period - Women Tips

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Leaving aside any kind of superstition, the question arises: do we really are no medical guidelines that can help the couple to have a baby of the desired sex?

First, you must understand how the sex of a baby is defined: it is determined by the sperm that fertilizes the egg.

A woman only produces egg with X chromosome, while man produces sperm x and y. So when the egg is fertilized by sperm x results in girl; when y is fertilized by sperm, results in boy.

Within this idea, there are measures that can help the couple to conceive a baby of a particular sex. However, it is noteworthy that they do not always work out.

For girls to get pregnant, the following factors are important:

  • Diets rich in calcium and magnesium: Milk, cheese, white beans and cereals;
  • Sexual intercourse two or three days before ovulation;
  • Acidic vaginal pH.

As for couples who wish to have a child, it is important the following factors:

  • Diets rich in potassium and sodium: diet rich in fish or meat;
  • Sexual intercourse near ovulation or until afterwards;
  • Ph alkaline vaginal administration.

Now you know all about the fertile period and also has good tips on how to get pregnant as soon as possible! If this is your desire, remember to talk to your doctor about the matter, it is very important that he knows from the beginning the will of the couple to have a baby.