HD Makeup - Woman Tips

With such technology in the HD television sets, everything is more crisp and detailed. But if on one hand the novelty brought quality image, the other brought a challenge to the makeup of the famous faces appearing on the small screen: create a make able to hide all defeitinhos without weighing visual.

Thinking about it, the cosmetics industry decided to invest in HD makeup (High Definition), which as the name suggests, follows the concept of television images. The perfect finish gives an amazing effect and leaves the skin worthy of TV star.

HD makeup advantages

The primer, base, concealer, powder and blush with HD technology have high hiding power and leave the flawless skin, completely disguising imperfections such as spots, wrinkles, fine lines and large pores.

And the best is that the HD makeup does not leave the skin with a loaded effect, thanks to its ultra fine texture, rapid absorption and dry finish. The high definition makeup also has a higher resistance than ordinary makeup and is great for all skin types, especially for oily.

The cost of HD makeup is still a little high, but worth the benefits. Worth investing a little more to have a skin with an amazing finish.

We tested the HD base Tracta

HD Makeup - Woman Tips

Who loves makeup knows that facial foundation is a major make the products. It serves to standardize and prepare the skin to receive other products. Considering leaving the skin with an amazing effect, did the makeup high definition.

The international brands that have invested in HD technology with makeup made great success. And we tuned in Brazilian news out there, we had to wait for a while until the national bought the idea of ​​cosmetics in high definition.

Finally, some Brazilian brands have launched the HD makeup on the market. Taking advantage of the new chilled, tested moisturizing base HD Tracta.

The formula is oil free and enriched with vitamin E. The base is good, has an ultrathin, smooth texture, with rapid absorption and dry finish.

As I have very fair skin, the color of HD Tracta moisturizing base that was good for my skin was the HD Clair. Besides the great coverage, my skin was no excess shine and a velvety touch.

HD Makeup - Woman Tips

One of the great difficulties of those who have oily skin like mine is to find a base that "hold" for a long time in the face. It seems that this time hit in the product!

Another notable advantage of HD makeup Tracta is that it leaves the skin with that charged look and hides imperfections well.