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For women who are always concerned about maintaining the body in day, new beauty techniques are always well accepted, even if they can be made without leaving home.

The body wrap is a good option for those who want to lose measures, tackle cellulite and come to terms with the mirror.

Despite being a very effective method, the wraps can not work miracles. To speed up the results ideally also make other aesthetic treatments such as lymph drainage, for example.

How to make a body wrap at home?

Among other advantages of body wraps, it is that the method is simple and it can be done at home. Check out the step-by-step homemade wraps.

1. Wet the body with a wet washcloth. Make a scrub with the following mixture: 1 cup. (Tea) of oats in thin flakes + 1 yogurt 1 cup or glass. (Tea) + 2 xíc cornmeal. (Tea) water + 1 col. (Soup) of honey. Take small amounts of scrub and apply it in a circular motion. The removal of dead cells facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin

2. With the aid of a soft brush or a sponge, a gel cross reducing the area to be treated (this may apply a generous layer)

3. Wind a crepe band (it should be firm without pressing). Let stand for 40 minutes. The gel can overcome the bandage, so use an old shirt or bikini while waiting. Remove the strip and bathe normally. Repeat at least three times a week.