How to choose the right pillow - Women Tips

If a good night's sleep recharges the energy and makes all the difference the next day, take comfort in the hour of rest is essential. So in addition to not overlook when buying the mattress is also very important to know how to choose the right pillow.

When the pillow is not suitable for their body and their nocturnal habits, some symptoms such as body aches and the feeling of having slept badly may arise over time.

When making a purchase, the various options can even generate confusion in consumers' minds, but some tips for buying pillow can make the choice easier.

And despite being paramount, it is not only the comfort that counts this time. Do not forget to take into account all aspects that can influence the health of your spine.

Analyze the material it is made of the pillow, his height and also consider if it fits your needs and habits.

In general, the pillow should have enough density so that the head does not sink. Also check if it is right for the position in which you sleep, keeping the head and aligned column.

For those accustomed to sleeping on your side, the right pillow should be higher and fill the gap that lies between the head and shoulders, as to who sleeps on his back, the pillow should be lower, but without tipping the head back.

Learn more about different types of pillow and what the pros and cons of each model.

Cushion Foam

Available in various formats, the foam pillow is very soft, but must be dense enough to keep your head at the right time and can become thinner over time. Can cause allergies and should not be washed.

Feather pillow

It is very soft and light, however, the feathers can easily accumulate on one side, causing a collapse that can generate muscle discomfort and eventually cause back problems. To avoid this, you need to fluff up the feather pillow every day.

goose feather pillow

The goose feather pillow soft leaves and does not allow it to be deformed. However, the goose feather pillow should be used with caution by those who suffer from some kind of respiratory allergy. Currently, this type of pillow is done with sterilized feathers, but this is no guarantee that the causative agents of allergies may not trigger seizures or intensify the symptoms.

cotton pillow

It is the type most suitable pillow to be used in the summer or for those who live in warmer climates, because the material does not heat. The cotton pillow is also great for allergy sufferers because they do not loose lint.

Latex Pillow

They take longer to sink under the weight of the head, but on the other hand, help to keep the body in the correct position at bedtime. The latex pillow is ideal for allergy and can be hand washed.

viscoelastic pillow

Made with material used by astronauts, the viscoelastic pillow is one of the most recommended by orthopedic surgeons because it is comfortable and never deforms.