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Given the current reality, which pushes children and adolescents against advanced technologies every day, it gets harder every day to make the daily life of these more educational and mentally stimulating creatures. Many parents do not get their children acquire the habit of reading, for example, and do not know what to do so they have more access to information relevant to education and children's development, mainly intellectual.

The truth is that video games, computers, cell phones and other technological devices have taken the place of the old recreation activities, without the child noticing, were always teaching some practical lesson for life.

Not worth swimming against the current; if you want to see your kids having a good education such, you will need to see technology as a fundamental ally. How about, for example, encourage access to online content that is more targeted to learning, without ceasing to be fun?

Check out a list of educational sites They deserve your attention and visits from their young.

1 - Coloring Games

In childhood, develop skills like motor skills and encourage creative thinking are key in your child's education. To achieve this goal, various gaming sites, especially those of color, are a good choice. Coloring Games on the site, the child deals with character designs that belong to the children's world and are suitable for their age, paints images of everyday objects, landscapes and other related topics. This site is recommended for children from 3 years.

2 - Discovery Kids Brazil

The eponymous canal site is filled with games and other activities that have as their theme the character designs displayed for him on television. For those who want to encourage the habit of reading, there is a lot of content especially dedicated to the topic.

There is also a channel with articles and unique content for parents, with tips and valid advice to the child's development. The site is suitable for children from birth to six years old.

3 - Class comics Machine Monica

It is the first site dedicated to the creation, online, comic book, and works as an editor. Using the characters, settings and objects in the universe imagined by Mauricio de Souza, the visitor can make up their own stories, leaving recorded on the site for voting by the public. Most commented stories can even be published in comic books Monica.

The content is completely free and stimulates the creativity of the small. Suitable for children from four to twelve years.

4 - Site of the World

What draws the most attention on the site are the details. Everything from the content to the layout seems to have been designed to ensure the fun and learning. Suitable for children aged four to twelve years, it offers parents the ability to monitor the child's activities daily.

To make it even more attractive, they are available in audio and text content with the stories of Monteiro Lobato.

5 - Playground

The official website of Recreation magazine offers five different channel options for child learning. Among the contents are games and activities that stimulate the artistic side, and tabs intended for knowledge of history, science and other disciplinas.É suitable for children who are enrolled in the early years of elementary school.

6 - Senninha

The site has, of course, dedicated content to pay tribute to Ayrton Senna. It has games, hobbies, space with guidance on animated videos and rich possibilities for reading and text production. Ideal for children up to ten years.

7 - Only math

This is a site for those who like math - and who does not like too. The exercises are fun and contribute to the development of logical thinking, and may be used by children from six years and even for those already in college.

8 - TV Ra Tim Bum

Famous for their children's educational programs, TV Cultura offers on site activities that are themed characters from the station. It has vast repertoire of videos that teach without leaving the fun side.

Take the opportunity to spend more time with children, guiding them as they navigate the content offered.