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Teenage pregnancy is a touchy subject - and a present reality. The Statute of Children and Adolescents considers the individual teenager up to 18 years of age, which means that school-age girls and often still in the growth phase and physical development become pregnant.

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) report, developing countries, a category which is included Brazil, they are responsible together for 95% of teenage pregnancies in the world. Every year, seven million teens give birth in these countries. This means that, by day, about 20,000 girls under 18 become mothers.

Early Pregnancy news may come as a shock and concern. It is common that the pregnancy is unplanned and teen to deal with mixed feelings - insecurity, fear, anxiety, stress. In addition, this phase of life, most of the teens depends on the support and parental support, both financially and emotionally.

For parents, the news can be equally impressive. Although it is normal to feel disappointed, nervous or worried that time, the mother of a pregnant adolescent need to keep in mind that this is a time when the daughter need it, perhaps more than at any other time. It is possible that the adolescent see before criticisms and judgments of known strong, withdrawal from friends and responsibility of abandonment by the baby's father; not alone in this scenario is key. Mother's support can make all the difference and help a lot in mental health and adolescent physical facing this situation. Having someone to talk to, ask questions and share your feelings is as important as financial assistance and medical care.

If you are a pregnant teenager or mother of one, in the course of this matter will find tips on how to deal with the new reality, seeking both physical as emotional.

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I'm pregnant: what to do now?

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Discovering that you are pregnant in adolescence can be a big shock and it is common that, at first, the young people find themselves confused and not knowing how to react to the situation.

"Teenage pregnancy as other unplanned, puts women before questioning, anguish and suffering. Considering the case of adolescent women, the pain is mixed with great fear of the parents, to despair of seeing their dreams come crashing down, the uncertainty of his future student, to shame, "says psychologist Laura Ferreira.

To face the new reality as best as possible, seek emotional and medical support makes all the difference. See below some tips from experts who can help right now.

Process the news

Before dealing with other people, you have to deal with their own feelings. "At that teenagers go through this moment, have strength," Laura points out. Find strength in itself is essential throughout pregnancy - and after it.

Share the news with trusted people

"At first, the teen may be afraid to tell your parents, so it needs to share this truth with someone to 'gain strength' for later talk to the family," suggests psychologist Viviane Rossi.

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Tell parents that you are pregnant can be very difficult. So first look for someone you trust can be an important step to build a support base. You can be a friend, a family member, or anyone nearby and with which the young feel comfortable.

Tell your parents

Although difficult, this is a necessary step. "Unlike any other time in life when alone may decide on itself, adolescent women need the adults around them to care for themselves and their child," says Laura.

The most important at this time is to seek a transparent and respectful conversation of both parties. "A teenager can talk about their feelings, their doubts, their concerns, their fears about the future, with the greatest possible clarity," states Viviane.

Find a mediator

When the idea of ​​talking to parents seems too difficult for a pregnant woman, a tip is to seek outside help. "It is recommended that, in the event of uncertainty, teenager can also call someone to accompany her time to tell parents, since it is someone who can respect all members of the family," advises Viviane.

Seek professional support

Do not be ashamed to seek for professional support to stay healthy emotionally. Viviane points out that "a pregnant teenager, suffers from various existential issues, insecurity, low self-esteem, fear, and can supply positive or negative fantasies about the future. When not even the comfort of those who uphold is enough, it can seek support groups or individual psychotherapy. "

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My daughter is pregnant: how to deal with the new reality

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For parents, the shock of discovering that her daughter is pregnant is also great. However, it is necessary to deal with the situation and keep in mind that at that time, your daughter needs you even more. "The moment will be hard for everyone, but no pain justifies violence, whether physical or verbal. Parents, have calm and balance. Remember that every pain, disappointment and anguish that goes into your heart also afflicted his daughter sitting right in front of him, "recalls Laura Ferreira.

It is common for teenage mainly seek the support of her mother - both to help her face the new reality and to guide her on practical issues of pregnancy. Although it is not easy for a mother to be available for her daughter, without judgment and with great respect, it is essential.

"The mother must initially be careful, calm down and try to help lead this new family organization. It can also support the daughter accompanying her on medical consultations, in conversations with the baby's father and his family, guiding them on how to care for themselves and the baby is on the way. You can try to be quite companion daughter, helping her on a daily basis and protecting it from any negative criticism, "says Viviane Rossi.

Consider that your daughter is a teenager, he is full of troubles. As Laura points out, it is worth remembering that the girl is not yet mature. "Her daughter did not enter the time machine, she's pregnant," says the psychologist. Make yourself available to answer questions, chat, help her to fight for their rights and empower it to make things happen in the least traumatic way possible.

Finally, keep in mind that support and help is not synonymous with completely take control of the situation and let the voiceless teenager: their choices should be respected at all times.

"The only conduct that should not be taken is to be the baby's mother to be his grandson. As hard as it is, each must take its own role: one is mother, the other grandmother, "says Viviane.

pregnancy care in adolescence

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When it comes to physical health, no need to despair: mother and baby can go through this step completely healthy. As with all pregnancies, you need to take some care and be attentive to health, with the exception that teenage pregnancy needs some extra care - especially in the case of younger pregnant women, the body does not yet fully formed.

"The main risks to the fetus are: the incidence of preterm premature birth increases when it comes to teen pregnancy. The incidence of low birth weight is also higher for infants born to teenagers, since its intrauterine growth competes with the mother, who is still in growth phase, "says Rodrigo Hurtado, Gynecologist Clinic Origen. The doctor also points out that premature birth may pose risks such as respiratory complications.

To make sure that everything goes well, medical assistance is indispensable. "Prenatal adolescence is very important for monitoring and prevention of possible complications during pregnancy," says Juliana Amato, gynecologist and obstetrician at Amato Institute of Advanced Medicine.

The main care is, with medical follow-up, control of the pregnant woman's weight gain and fetal growth. In addition, the mother should, as emphasized Juliana "have a balanced diet rich in nutrients; avoid smoking, alcohol, strenuous exercise and excessive caffeine. "

Rodrigo Hurtado, in addition to the specific issues of prenatal care, the importance of monitoring in a teenage pregnancy is even higher. "Prenatal serves as an opportunity to build a relationship of trust between the health team transdisciplinary and patient, promoting decrease the chances of new unplanned pregnancy through psychological and gynecological support with emphasis on clarification of contraception and care newborn "he says.

Besides taking care of the baby's health, pregnant women can not forget to take care of themselves - physically and psychologically. "For the mother, the risks are more social and psychological than physical. The incidence of depression and relationship disorders with family and partner are higher, "Dr. Hurtado scores.

The search for emotional support can contribute much to the baby's health in the long run. "Teenagers who become mothers suffer psychological pressure of themselves and society, which may cause a rejection of the child if it is not a well-structured support," said Dr. Amato.


Each experience is unique and things do not happen the same way in all cases. After all, every teenager handles pregnancy differently and the family also react in different ways.

Angel Mesquita, youtuber Mother channel at 18, became pregnant at 17. Check out the Angel's testimony:

"I found out I was pregnant the second week of menstrual delay. Deep down I knew I was pregnant and went back to confirm my certainty. I did the blood test and there was my thing. Soon after I went to the ultrasound, gave eight weeks of pregnancy, I've heard the heart and fell in love right there. Of course it was not all a charm. When I was sure of pregnancy, cried, could not believe it, I was reluctant, I questioned why that, why that 'stupid', as I would hold that serzinho, what my father would think of me, as I would go to school with the huge belly, as it would be seen by society. It is a surreal mix of feelings! My mother always had control of absorbent back home; not on purpose, but when she realized I was not using. And that's how she found out. They were days of crying and questioning, easy. My dad has been harder to count, so much so that I did not. Who told was my stepmother. The two had a thump, but finally helped me and help me a lot! Not an easy task being a mother, even younger, when we still rely on our parents. I at the height of my 17 years I got pregnant, I raised my head and not let the shuttle lands even with seven months pregnant I have separated from the father of my child. The Kauan is a blessing, as every child. Unexpected, but which has become a darling for all without explanation. Greatest pleasure of my life, is caring and loving my son. "

Iule M. tells us about dealing with the challenges during pregnancy and after delivery. Check out the testimonial:

"At first it was very hard: my parents hurt me a lot, I was very bad, ashamed, afraid. It is a shock for parents and for teenagers too. All we need is support because we ran out of ground at the moment we found in pregnant women. But time passed and they were getting used to my pregnancy until they were looking forward to the baby is born. He was born eight months, cesarean section, but it was okay. I had postpartum depression, because it was very difficult to get used to the idea that now I would have to learn to take care of a baby. But it always improves. Today it is eight months and gradually, I'm learning to be a mother, with the help of my parents - without them I could not raise my baby. So I say to other teens who are going through what I went through to have the strength. "

Victória Moura became pregnant at 16 and account in your YouTube channel that early in pregnancy, the hardest part was dealing with the family and with the judgments received, check:

"When I found out I was pregnant, deep down I already knew, already I felt too. When the test came back positive a wave of feelings began to mix inside me and I do not know whether to be happy, it was sad, if she wept, she cried. I was no reaction, went home without reaction. My biggest challenge was dealing with the family of man, did not understand, and having to deal with the changes in me, in my body, hormonal changes, physical changes. It was so much to think about and people were judging me, that was one thing that did not fit in my head and consequently made me stressed, which did nothing good for the baby. My mother stayed with me from the beginning and this with me to this day, both she and my father, my relationship with my parents has improved 100%. My grandparents were a little more complicated to understand so much change in the lives of the younger granddaughter they had. I had friends who have moved away, who approached. I support who I had not expected. And it made me see that not everyone thinks that the end of the world, why not. Hits a fear so, failing to make the best for your child, do not make the right choices; beats fear of not being able to form and do a good higher education; it all goes through the minds of the young mother. We have to mature early, put our son first and never forget the privilege of being a mother. My pregnancy is being a delight now that I've accepted that I am a mother and have nothing tastier than that. "

For more complicated and delicate to the situation, to have someone to provide support and protection is critical for pregnant teenagers. If your daughter is pregnant, remember how she might be feeling and help her as a mother, daughter and wife to face every step of the new reality.