How to take good care of potted plants - Women Tips

For those who like to have the green always around, but does not have a lot of space, a good option is to grow plants in pots. The use of vessels as well as accommodate the plants, you can leave the most pleasant and decorated.

When well cared for, the plants grown indoors grow beautiful, healthy and have great durability. But for this, you must take some care. Check out tips on how to take good care of potted plants.

The choice of location for the plants is crucial. Note that the chosen area is next to the windows, as the ambient temperature, light, ventilation and space are the most important factors for plants to develop.

The shapes and sizes of plant pots should also be taken into account. One should be careful if the vessel is not "tight" for the little plant grow well.

For the plant have a long life, it is necessary to control and check daily irrigation of the land. And to avoid rotting of the roots and the soil drenched use a container for water drainage underneath the vessel, the saucer known.

A tip to check the moisture of the plant is to insert your finger or a stick in the ground to a certain depth. If the land to join, it is why it is not yet time to water the plant.

The use of fertilizer is another tip on how to take good care of potted plants that helps in strengthening and growth of them. But all that is overused, can do harm, so one should not exaggerate the quantities of fertilizer.

Preferably, water the plants in the morning and avoid wetting much of the leaves and flowers. Remember that each type of plant needs a different amount of water. Plants like cactus and bromeliads, for example, are more resistant to drought plants. But the glass of milk, begonia, chrysanthemum and azalea, plants are more sensitive and require care folded.

Take care of your plants protecting his pot of excessive sun exposure, always removing the dry leaves, matinhos and keeping free of pests.