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Wanting to make a difference in people's lives is a common will. Often we believe that to this requires great acts that require much effort and time, so we always end up leaving later. But is grandiose acts are needed to make a difference?

Grandiose acts are valid yes, but there is a series of small actions possible to be made daily, which do not require time, effort and that can be done right now.

Be a difference to the people around you may be simpler than you think, and be very pleasurable. The following is a list of 9 simple steps to get you started today to make a difference in the lives of people around you:

1. Praise whenever possible

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Praise is a simple act that can make the day a person becomes much better. After all, who does not like receiving a compliment? At work, when you like the result of something that his colleague did, never miss the opportunity to praise. Cheers encourage people to continue doing their jobs with care and dedication.

Praise more friends, family and all the people around you. Surely with this act, in addition to winning a lot of smiles in return, you will sure have made the day a person is much happier.

2. Show empathy rather than sympathy

Empathy is when you understand what the person is feeling, you can put yourself in the person's situation and understand the situation she is going through. Empathy is free of judgments. Already sympathy is related to the charism.

Empathize with someone makes that person does not feel alone in bad times. Demonstrate that you understand the situation, supports and especially not judges, encourages and makes all the difference in any situation that the person is experiencing. The video below illustrates how empathy can make a difference in people's lives, check out:

3. Always use the words "thank you" and "please"

We often forget to use these magic words to the people who live together. With the living, say please, thank you and apologize, may seem unnecessary with our nearest and dearest, but it is not.

So if you need anything remember to finish the sentence with please. When you receive something, thank. If you make a mistake always remember to apologize. No matter how much there is proximity to the person concerned, some habits that sound formal and use these expressions, make all the difference and should never disappear from your vocabulary.

4. Demonstrate gratitude

Having gratitude goes far beyond saying thank you. Gratitude is demonstrated beyond words and involves acts such as trying to better the person to whom you are grateful. So often receive wonderful things people of our cohabitation, but we left after the act of showing gratitude.

Again, it is not required grandiose acts to make a difference in this regard. Handle with care and dedication the people to whom you are grateful. If possible, do the same for these people. Always make sure, somehow, you have gratitude for those who are around you.

5. Be available when they need your help

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If someone asks for your help and in their power, do not hesitate to offer support promptly. Being available means to show the person that you will help her with all you can do. Often, just say that you are available already makes all the difference.

It is important not to leave after a request for help and do what we can right now. Demonstrate willingness and readiness shows care and concern for the cause of the person.

6. Be listener

If a person is venting to you, speak as little as possible. Often we like to talk and talk about ourselves and unlearned to listen to what the other person has to say. Offer your shoulder to the important people in your life, let them talk what they are feeling and listen carefully.

Being listener requires training and patience, so start training today. When someone is saying something to you, do not interrupt the speech and listen quietly. Speak only when you are sure that the person talking is over.

7. Spread smiles

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Make people around you laugh and smile. Avoid saying negative things and focus on spreading words that bring smiles. Do not get a bad matter if it is unnecessary and does not help to spread bad news, because nobody needs it. Tell more stories and news about positive things, help to sow good.

Smiling, alone, it is a great way to sow good. Smile at people of their living whenever possible. The smile is the universal language and will always be reciprocated.

8. Do something nice for a stranger

Start a chain of good, perform an act of kindness by those who do not know and leave a note saying to this stranger do something on the other unknown. Thus making a difference on a person you reach the difference on the day of several people.

Make the planet be a better and full of acts of kindness place. For example, if you saw a car with the windows parked on the street, close the windows and leave an anonymous note saying to the person giving back doing a favor for a complete unknown.

9. Do not help spread hatred

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Surely everyone has been a victim of hate free. In traffic, at work, at school and everywhere we attend. In these situations it is very common to appear the will to respond in kind, but stop and think: what will it change? Who treats you with hatred may just be having a bad day, so breathe and ignore or answer the act politely.

If someone has done something wrong in traffic reply not doing something wrong too, ignore and let the person go. If anyone was rude in the words with you at work, do not start unnecessary discussion, answer politely. Remember, kindness generates kindness.

By practicing, you will see just how simple and enjoyable make a difference to someone daily. Small acts, if done with care, can leave the day people happier and more rewarding. Listed are a few suggestions, but you can do a multitude of actions and pursue as many people as possible.

How about starting right now to make a difference in someone's day?