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The chicken breast is part of the daily diet of many people. white meats such as chicken, are known for their nutritional value and be a source of healthy animal protein than red meat.

For being a widely consumed food, who prepares it may run out of new revenue ideas or think that you can not innovate in the preparation of such meat. To escape the routine of grilled chicken breast, there is the possibility of being always researching new recipes on websites specializing in cuisine.

Check out a list of 15 chicken breast recipes that prove that it is not necessary to be a chef to make delicious dishes. Innovate and enjoy even more the flavor of that food in your meals:

1. Chicken breast stuffed with coppa and curd: It is recommended that this revenue when there is no concern with time, it is a little time consuming. The time spent, however is offset by the flavor. It is ideal for a more elaborate lunch or dinner. One suggestion is to be accompanied by brown rice and salad of green leaves.

2. Chicken breast with pepper and pine nuts: This recipe is practical, fast and ideal for day-to-day. The special taste is for the cheese pepper and spices added to the chicken breast.

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3. marinated chicken breast in Sicilian lemon and shiitake: This revenue as well as practice, it is very healthy. Shiitake is a great source of non-animal protein and adds even more flavor to the chicken. To better enjoy the recipe, let the chicken marinate from one day to the other. Besides getting tastier, saves a lot of time.

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chicken breast stuffed with gorgonzola. Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

4. Chicken breast stuffed with gorgonzola and marinated in honey: This is a recipe calorie due to the gorgonzola, ideal for weekends and / or special occasions. It is recommended for those who like to venture into the kitchen and combine the salty and sweet flavors. A staging option very different chicken breast and it is worth to be experienced.

5. Chicken breast with vegetables and herbs: To give a personal touch in this recipe can be vegetables preferably added. So the recipe is healthy and very tasty. This recipe is free of lactose, a great option for those who make use of diets that restrict.

6. Chicken breast stuffed with greens and cheese: A typical recipe from Portugal. The clitoris is a typical plant of the country and is not found in Brazil may be replaced by leaves of turnip or collard greens, because the taste is very similar.

7. Chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and cheese: A very tasty and healthy recipe oven. Being a hot plate, it is a good choice to consume the spinach in cold weather.

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8. fillet of chicken breast with creamy watercress sauce: creative and healthy recipe. To get even more nutritious, consume accompanied by brown rice or quinoa and vegetables preference.

9. Chicken fillet with creamy mushroom sauce: The recipe is simple and takes easily accessible ingredients. The dish is very similar to chicken stroganoff, but the preparation is even faster and easier.

10. braised chicken with vegetables: This recipe can be made in large quantities and be frozen in small portions to eat later. Great solution for a quick and nutritious meal. It is also a tasty choice of sauce for polenta.

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grilled chicken with vegetables. Photo: Playback / Blog From Mimis

11. Grilled chicken with vegetables: The traditional and light grilled chicken. To follow: carrots, cherry tomatoes and peas. If you want to replace or add to vegetables preference.

12. Chicken breast stuffed with vegetables: This is a baked recipe that takes a lot of vegetables and has high nutritional value, as well as being very tasty. Remembering that it is always possible to adapt the recipes and replace or add ingredients preference or use those available at home.

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13. Chicken breast with sauce: This is a traditional recipe of chicken in sauce, fast and easy to prepare. It is a great accompaniment to polenta, gnocchi and pasta in general.

14. chicken breast rice in the oven: This is a good recipe option to enjoy and increase the rice already prepared, making it more tasty and nutritious.

15. Chicken breast breaded with cheese and ham: This recipe is a great choice to escape the breaded chicken which are sold frozen in supermarkets. It's a delicious recipe can be frozen for later consumption and is much healthier than the industrialized version.

Tips for choosing the right cut of chicken breast

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chicken breast stuffed with pantry. Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

According to the chef Christopher Brown, the Homelete network, there are not many options to cut chicken breast, but there are plenty of recipes and applications. "For example, as the cuts, cubes are suitable for Stroganoff; fillets at high shear are suitable for grilling, for maintaining the softness and the groove of the meat; chicken baits are ideal for portions and can be taken advantage of sassami, which is one sirloin that is underneath the entire breast, "recommends the expert.

"There is also the chicken to the bird, which can be removed from the rib and cut the rest into small pieces and seasoned only with salt. Is great, "adds the chef. He also points out that as the rib, do not throw it away. Use it to make a soup, just add water, leek leaf, onion and a little broth powder. The result of this mixture may be used as a basis for soups, risotto, etc.

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Also according to the expert, to fill the thin fillets and whole own breast deboned and are ideal. "Recalling that the cut fillet maintains the high softness, contrary to the fine cut. For the chicken to the sauce, it's a matter of taste, I love wings to sauce, but all parts are very tasty if well prepared, "concludes the brown chef.

With a few simple tips you can prepare delicious and nutritious recipes. Select the more pleasing and try to prepare them. Be at lunch or dinner, in single or celebratory occasions. With dedication, every recipe is tasty and the fact that it is prepared for you give a special touch to a family reunion with friends or a romantic dinner. Enjoy your food!