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How many of these points of the body you usually pay attention during sex? Check out the 10 places most requested by men to be touched or kissed.

  1. Skin
    The largest organ of the human body is the skin, and is also the most involved during sex. The excitation process takes place by the natural heat of the stronger blood circulation. Therefore, the more your skin is touched, the more excited it feels entirely. A massage can be powerful to create the ideal climate.
  2. buttocks
    it is misleading to think that this area is only preferred by men to touch women. The glutes are also areas of the men's team excitement.
  3. Neck
    There are many nerve endings in the neck. For many people simply touching the neck causes them an immediate chill. In bed, kisses and whispers can cause an incredible effect.
  4. Ear
    The whispers lead stirring words to the brain, which processes them as direct invitations to sex. Try some sexy suggestions whisper in his ear. The tongue and kisses can also play a role for an immediate excitement.
  5. Behind the ear
    The touch behind the ear can cause chills throughout the body, and a light bite at the top of the ear lobe, or even a simple deep breathing. All these actions are always guarantee pleasure.
  6. Language
    According to experts, a deep kiss is one of the simplest ways and erotic excite a man.
  7. feet
    Give him a foot massage is super erotic, loving and romantic. Furthermore, there are also reflexology points on the foot of the heel, which can further increase their sexual arousal. So be sure to apply a little extra pressure in the region.
  8. nape
    As it is a place where we are rarely touched, it is easy to feel chills when caresses are concentrated in the neck.
  9. Lips
    In addition to kissing, you can tease him gently licking and biting his lips. A light bite can be the green light to more intense action between the two. Who runs is you.
  10. Create your own signs
    Exit routine and create, along with it, a signal for when you are in order to have sex. And follow your instincts. Wherever they are, it will be able to know when you are excited, and it will be extremely exciting for him, too.

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