30 recipes for tuna pie for a practical and tasty meal

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The pies in itself is a wildcard in Brazilian cuisine ... Usually with prepared mass quickly in a blender, they are synonymous with practicality and a complete and tasty meal.

But what to say then the tuna pie ?! This is undoubtedly the most practical filling by which to choose! That's because most people usually have at home a saved can of tuna ... Then, when it hits the will, just mix the tuna with other simple ingredients and put them through the preferred mass, leading to the oven or in some cases , microwave.

Despite being a practical recipe, this does not mean that the tuna pie need to be always done in the same way! You can innovate, opting for more traditional or different recipes, using few or many ingredients!

Be inspired by the recipes below to make whenever the mood strikes, after all, nothing better than practical and tasty meals!

simple pies

30 recipes for tuna pie for a practical and tasty meal

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1. Easy Tuna Pie: those recipes "quick fix" for when you get a last minute visit, or when too lazy to spend hours in the kitchen. In addition to practice, it is delicious!

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2. Tuna pie with tomato: a recipe for those who like practicality. The pie is a complete meal, especially when accompanied by a Saladinha, and is ready in minutes. Not to mention that the taste is delicious!

3. tuna pie, tomato and cheese: easy recipe, you just have basically the job of putting the ingredients in a blender, and then, in the form. The pasta is delicious and matches any other filling beyond tuna.

4. Tuna pie with vegetables and ricotta: ideal for a lunch or light and healthy little dinner. Moreover, it is a practical recipe, is ready pretty quickly. While the pie is in the oven, you can even prepare a Saladinha to track, doing the dishes and soiled that quickly set the table!

5. tuna pie with white cheese and zucchini: This pie does not have a mass "superelaborada" but it is a recipe that works well and is very tasty. You can make the dough without fat or use a little butter.

6. tuna pie with peas: the pie is placed in small cups, which ensures that it is even softer. But if you prefer, you can make a great pie too. The preparation is very simple and it is ready in about half an hour.

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7. tuna pie, corn and olives: a practical and tasty recipe for which you only need flour, oil, onion, salt, milk, grated Parmesan cheese, baking powder, eggs, tuna, corn and olives bites.

8. tuna pie with egg, corn and peas: ideal for those days when you're in the mood to eat something tasty, but without wasting much time (and energy) in the kitchen! It is a practical recipe and can become your main meal!

9. tuna pie, white cheese, corn and peas: a simple cake to make, and the blender mass. The tuna filling with cheese is delicious, but you can choose the filling of your choice, for example, sardines, salmon, ham, smoked turkey breast, ground beef, mushroom, palm heart ... It can be served at lunch or even at lunch or dinner, accompanied by a Saladinha green leaves.

10. Tuna pie with tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and peas: for pasta, you will use wheat flour, milk, oil, parmesan cheese, yeast and eggs. For the filling, you need tuna, tomato, carrot, potato, onion, garlic, basil, salt, black pepper kingdom and fresh peas.

11. tuna pie, mozzarella, tomato, hearts of palm and olive: for the filling, in addition to cans of tuna, you use tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olive and palm. The dough is also simple to make, and you can always change you want the filling.

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12. Tuna pie with dough: a different way to prepare your pie tuna using sliced ​​bread. The preparation is very simple, does not involve or stove, and the result is a beautiful pie, molhadinha and full of flavor.

creamy pies

30 recipes for tuna pie for a practical and tasty meal

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13. creamy tuna pie: to make this pie becomes a full meal, you need eggs, milk, oil, flour, baking powder, salt, tuna, tomatoes, onions, oregano, salt, pepper and cheese creamy.

14. creamy tuna pie with cheese: ideal for serving when you have someone at home. You will use milk, oil, eggs, parmesan cheese, sour cream, flour, baking powder, onion, tomato, tuna, corn and cream cheese.

15. creamy tuna pie with vegetables: more option pie practical and full of flavor. To do whenever the mood strikes! When you want, can you also vary the filling, replacing the tuna for chicken, vegetables, ham and cheese or whatever you want!

16. creamy tuna pie with ham, cream cheese and mozzarella: a light and hot mass that gets a special filling, a delicious combination of taste. In addition to the main ingredients of the filling, you use onions, tomatoes, corn, olive, basil, oregano, grated cheese and salt.

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17. creamy potato pie and massless tuna: a quick, tasty and easy recipe. After all, it is relatively light, because it has no mass and most calories is due to the potato.

18. creamy tuna pie with coconut milk: a practical recipe, whose ingredients only unsalted butter, wheat flour, salt, tuna, onion, ketchup, mustard, coconut milk and parmesan gratin.

different pies

30 recipes for tuna pie for a practical and tasty meal

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19. Potato Pie with tuna: To make this recipe, you will need potatoes, flour, butter, yeast, milk, egg, salt, black pepper kingdom, parmesan cheese, tuna fillet, tomato, onion, pepper chipotle smoked and shredded mozzarella cheese.

20. pie with tuna and potato leek: In this recipe, the dough is aerated well. For the filling, you will use potatoes, cans of tuna, chopped leeks, garlic, onion, olive oil, salt, black pepper kingdom, cream cheese and grated Parmesan cheese.

21. pie pancakes with tuna filling: a creative way to make pie. In this recipe, the tuna was the filling used, but you can also do with other ingredients you have in the refrigerator, such as meat, chicken, vegetables.

22. Tuna pie with cheese fondue: to make this different and very tasty pie, you use eggs, whole milk, corn oil, wheat flour, cornstarch, baking powder, parmesan, salt, tuna, corn, onion and fondue cheese.

23. Open tuna pie: an easy recipe, which yields eight servings. You will use oil, eggs, milk, cornstarch, salt, wheat flour, yeast, oil, cans of tuna, onions, tomatoes, green olives, mozzarella cheese, salt and smell-green.

24. rice and tuna pie: good choice for when left a lot of rice ready at home! You will use it successfully in this recipe, which results in a different pie, but very tasty, and practice.

25. Coffee tuna pie: a very simple recipe to make whenever der desire to eat something tasty, but also practical. Within minutes their individual tart (the mug) is ready to be savored!

26. Tuna Pie low carb: alternative for those who follow a low-carb diet, but does not give up a good pie! wheat flour is replaced by almond meal and the result is a light batter, but very tasty. And most interesting is that you can use the filling you want (apart from tuna)!

27. Pie Tuna light: A blender pie healthy and easy to make, is molhadinha, soft and tasty. You can make a big pie or put it into individual silicone molds (type of cupcake). In about 45 minutes it will be ready!

28. integral tuna pie: to make this practice and recipe, you will use only eggs, whole wheat flour, rice milk, tomatoes, white cheese without lactose, tuna, oregano and yeast.

29. Gluten tuna pie: a pie made in a blender, simple, easy and very nutritious. You will use eggs, butter, milk, potato, potato starch, rice flour, baking powder, salt and tuna.

30. Tuna pie gluten and lactose: according to the author of the recipe, this cake is infallible those who never lets you down! In addition to simple, it is perfect for allergic and intolerant to gluten and lactose. To enjoy without worry!

Be prepared for more traditional or differently, tuna pie is always synonymous with practicality! Usually accompanied by a good salad, it is a complete and tasty meal.