I was betrayed, and now? - Women Tips

THE betrayal is one of the major reasons why women and especially couples to psychological clinics. The causes of extramarital relationship They are numerous, but the main thing is the marriage crisis. So many times the woman was guilty, either because they feel more attractive or because they did not give necessary attention to her husband.

The truth is that marriage (dating, engagement, friendship, etc.) is built for two people, so the two are responsible for the welfare of the relationship, so if blame is a mistake, because we will never reach the perfection of being super wives, super mothers, super daughters and so on. The person who is on our side should you accept this form or seek help (therapy) so that together we can develop a better relationship.

So we can say that Betrayal is no excuse, is lack of commitment to sign with the relationship. Maintain a good dialogue as the desires and frustrations of the relationship is an important tip for maintaining long-term relationships, it certainly will not prevent extramarital affairs, but it sure will help.

But when there was already a betrayal, the case is much more complicated. In addition to pain, there is a breach of trust, nothing that a person speak from that time will have value. Therefore, the decision to keep or not the relationship should be very well thought out. Many couples decide to maintain the relationship, but at all times the theme of betrayal comes to light making the relationship a torture for those who betrayed and suffering for those who has been betrayed.

I have seen many women do not separate not to let their husbands go looking for "the other", as if this were a contest of who can most, not the one you love more to the point of giving up a relationship for the sake of self-love and happiness.

Start and a single life full of insecurities after a betrayal also it is not easy. Indeed, every decision involves gains and losses, which should be compared to our dreams and desires. Therefore, before a sellout the first step is to get rid of the guilt, so that there is enough quiet to reflect, talk and think about the choices, based on the principle of self-love and the possibility to be happy as often as we want.