8 secrets of happy couples - Women Tips

Ever wondered what was the secret of the couple you know and who lives very well and happy together? We unveil eight of these secrets so you can also be part of a happy couple and satisfied with the relationship.

1 - They are treated with care

It may seem kind of silly to get a couple calling for cute and endearing names, but fortunately this is a sign that the relationship between the two is healthy. Use these pet names refers to a happy time of life - childhood - that the person had or would have had.

This type of communication between the couple also makes both allow yourself to let down your guard a little and act more lightly, as a child and this can cause the two to stay more comfortable together. Thus, there is no doubt that caring is essential to living a happy couple.

2 - They spend time together

When the passion of madness passes, the couple who look for things to do together is much more likely to have a harmonious and sustainable relationship. According to a survey, the amount of fun that a couple has, has a strong influence on the happiness of both as a couple and also the satisfaction that both have about the relationship.

So invest in your relationship, spend time with your partner and do things together. Happy couples cooking together, stroll together, see movies together and also out of scrapes together - all this brings a lot of emotions that keeps connected - it is good being next to a pleasant and enjoyable company that runs into the craziest activities.

3 - They keep in touch with family

Maintain contact with family members is an excellent habit and should always be encouraged. This keeps the feeling of comfort that brings family and avoids that desperation that the early years from her living with her partner can bring.

To fit in with the family of his partner and become part of it generates positive feelings for the couple, provided that they have no conflicts - such as when the mother does not like the daughter and vice versa.

Even then, it pays to be understanding and try to captivate the family of your partner being sweet and avoiding holding grievances.

4 - They do not argue over small things

Happy couples do not waste time arguing because a washed a dish more than the other wanting to share all the responsibilities of millimeter equally. Many couples believe that each of the relationship must devote 50% in daily activity, while in fact they should dedicate themselves in the best possible way.

5 - They argue constructively

Happy couples know not argue offensively. They know when the discussion is coming at a point where one can start hurting the other, it is the time to stop and let it cool for a while. It is this type of control at the time of the disagreement, which keeps happy couples together longer even disagreeing with one thing or another at certain times.

6 - They exchange pampering and gifts

happy couples presenteiam, either with treats with loving notes on the edge of the bed or tasty phrases to say to each other. This type of care and dedication unites even more a couple and keeps alive the romance. But this can not be linked to a reward, for example, do not give a gift just because you want it to accept something you will ask right away. Do this as a free care.

7 - They try to keep a sense of humor

According to experts, the sense of humor in the couple is one of the things that helps keep them together for long. If they can get a tune able to keep them humorous, joke and laugh together, that's a great sign that both feel comfortable and at ease together.

8 - They rely even when one of them is in the worst

When one of the two errs, the other does not judge and condemn - the other supports and is partner in this difficult time. This is one of the secrets of couples who have everything to live happily together for a long time. No one is perfect and we need to respect and support each other when it fails.