8 tips for dealing with critical people too - Women Tips

People too critical are those who can not see anything positive in people and things. They put all attitudes with wrath and are even stricter when it comes to the opinion that they have of themselves.

Surely this is very bad for the person who is so, but the worst is that it also affects those who live with this person, who ends up absorbing the negativity and suffering a wave discouragement, low self-esteem and downward - to a possible depression.

Due to this bad influences that may have on the emotional other people, who are too critical can also be called by some energy vampire - because that person just "sucking" all that is happy in another.

Imagine that person who is already insecure hear someone make a strong criticism about her? This further discourages those who are no longer excited.

To help lessen the effects of these people in the other, we selected eight suggestions on how to deal with critical people too so you can learn to live with them without being so affected by his comments.

1 - Do not take it personally

Generally people who are critical are too well with everyone else with whom it relates. So there is no reason to take this criticism too personally. If that person always seems to be discouraging you and critiquing staunchly everything you say, is satisfied that it also does the same with others.

When in doubt, test. Try one witness that person talks to another and see if it is also critical in this situation too. So, nothing to take these comments too personally.

2 - Understand the messages objectively

So that what you hear this type of person does not hurt you, you need to hear these messages in an objective manner without trying to relate feelings to them. Instead of noticing how the person is saying something, pay attention to what exactly it means.

Thus, instead of listening and responding, you hear and captures the right message that the person wanted to go. For example, if a friend that's how you respond that your clothes are not pretty or combining, this does not necessarily mean that she is willing to offend you saying you do not know anything about fashion.

When someone extremely dry and direct comments, do not see it as an offense, but understand that this is the way that person uses to communicate and may even be the only way she dominates to communicate.

3 - consider this person a source of real feedback

In general, critical people too can be a source of honest opinion. If you do not like something, certainly they will not hide it from anyone - even though it may hurt someone. Therefore, these people can be a good source of real feedback.

4 - Find out why certain comments you shake

When something hurts you, go to the root of the problem. If someone criticized her look and you take offense, was it really because of what the person said or your own opinion about its visual walk through shattered? Find out what your weaknesses - its Achilles heel - and invest in the recovery of the image you have of yourself. In this way it will be easier not be achieved by these comments and criticisms.

5 - Do not ask opinions if you are not ready to listen

One thing is certain: if you ask people to view critical too, will have to be strong to face the answer. If you are already insecure for that matter, it is best left to ask someone else. Because a negative comment about something that is already uncertain can cause a disastrous result.

6 - Do not give much value to criticisms

People usually assign a high value to another's opinion and when it refers to the opinion of people close, the value is even greater. But when it comes to the opinion of people nearby, but that are critical too, this function value can have a serious impact on your life.

others value the opinion of overly critical people can lead you to believe that you have nothing good, that everything in the world is negative and you should not invest in any attempt - after all what these people do more is to discourage the ideas and wishes of other.

Taking this into consideration, even if the person is someone you love much, try not to value both the opinion of that person - especially about you. And invest in yourself, believe in you and let the criticism a little aside.

7 - Be kind to people like

These people are not too critical as well because they are happy to make negative comments about everything and everyone, they are meant to have such a great misfortune within themselves they believe to be impossible to find something good in the world. And the fact that they are always criticizing everything makes this becomes a snowball, because when more it self-criticism, the more it destroys the image you have of yourself. And the more she criticizes others, the more it destroys the hope that humans may have to be happy.

In view of this, we realize that these people do not need to be further judged, they already think too much and too rigidly. They need affection, affection and need others to show that there are wonderful things to be discovered about life.

8 - Avoid extremely critical people

If even with all that advice you think is still very negatively affected by the comments and criticisms of those people, it is best to ignore them. If you can not live with those who are too critical without suffering influence of negativity these people, it is better even if away from them and avoid conversations with these people.

But if you do not intend to depart from this one because love him or her, invest in positive attitudes and encourage a more positive view of the world. Fight criticism with praise, you can "disarm" the overly critical person and help her get along better with others.