You can forgive a betrayal? - Women Tips

"I was betrayed three times by my husband, and I am very afraid that happen again, I can not forgive him and at the same time I'm afraid to lose it." Reader, Fortaleza CE

Forgive a betrayal is a very difficult task, after confidence was shaken and many questions come to the fore: what I did to be betrayed? What does she have that I do not? I am loved?

I believe that the first post-betrayal step is to get rid of the guilt many women feel they are not "good" enough and that for this "failed" her husband was looking for another "better". Well, then who's to blame?

We can say that there are two types of treason, when the relationship cools the tendency is to look for something in the warm, is very common post-wedding no more romance, eroticism and vanity to get ready for each other even when indoors.

In such cases, even if there is love between the two, there is the need for another person to satisfy our desires. So it is important to remember that although we are rational beings have instincts and seduction and sex are part of our lives.

There are many couples in their 20s and 30s who do not have an active sex life, due to work, study, housework, children, etc. Take a moment just to the couple, trying to maintain dialogue and trying to rekindle the flame of desire can avoid a betrayal.

But if it happened, it is important that the couple re-evaluate the relationship and if they decide to continue with the relationship we need to fix what was deficient. See, it's a continuous, laborious and double work, does not help the effort just one. Many couples can "survive" a betrayal, mostly serving so that the relationship has more quality.

Similarly, there is another kind of betrayal, where the traitor needs assertiveness and being in a relationship is not enough. You know that person who has binge eating and not be satisfied with only a sweet? Well, compulsive traitor needs to feel loved and goes in search of it at all costs. These are people who most often did not have a good family structure and who did not receive as a child enough love and affection to grow and become more confident adults.

As there is a fault, the person will always look for something that "plug this hole," is in love relationships in food, gambling, drugs, etc. In such cases, the only person who can help her is herself. No use find that the relationship is special and that person will change, she needs professional help.

As we have seen there are two very different situations, where the first can rethink the relationship, forgive the flaws and create a structure based on dialogue. In the other case, we come across an individual situation where a person can not maintain the link and therefore accept maintain a relationship this way is above all accept the betrayal as part of the relationship.

The most important is unacceptable and we betray ourselves, hiding in bad relationships for fear of loneliness. So, if it is to forgive, it is to be happy.