7 homemade recipes to end the accumulated tartar on teeth

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Many people say that the smile is the "calling card" of a person. And, to keep beautiful teeth, there is not much secret: you need to take care of oral health in general.

In this sense, the buildup of tartar on the teeth is a great villain, rather than a poor aesthetics (as the teeth become yellow or even brownish) can facilitate the development of caries and other oral discomfort.

Rafael Puglisi, dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry, which has among its famous guests like Neymar, Silvio Santos, Hugo Gloss, among others, said that tartar is a biofilm that forms occurring bacteria proliferation, turning a plaque which is keratinized . "It's like a dirt that gets on the tooth surface and ends up tarnishing or changing color. And the tartar can pigment depending on the foods that are eaten, "he adds.

The buildup of tartar on the teeth is a problem that can strike anyone as a result of the constant bacteria in the mouth, so it gives the need to prevent the problem, basically, with a good brushing after every meal and frequent visits to the dentist.

Still, some risk some home recipes that promise to help end the accumulated tartar on the teeth. But do they, in fact, work? Below you can see examples and expert opinion Rafael Puglisi.

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1. Consume more vegetables and fruits

7 homemade recipes to end the accumulated tartar on teeth

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According to Puglisi, this measure, in fact, can help. "The tip are fruits and vegetables that have the pH base, for example, cucumbers, various leaves, lettuce ... vegetables in general the green," he says.

Other examples of foods that you can consume in nature, daily, are: apple, spinach, pear and plum.

2. "Brush" teeth with strawberries

A very simple homemade tip is kneading strawberries (ripe), put them on the toothbrush and use them as a common toothpaste.

But Puglisi points out that this is another myth. "What helps to eliminate much tartar is brushing mechanical strength (normal with toothpaste)," he says.

3. Using sodium bicarbonate

7 homemade recipes to end the accumulated tartar on teeth

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Dilute a teaspoon (tsp) of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water and make a mouthwash for a few seconds with the mixture of the home recipes is best known in this regard.

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It is noteworthy that this type of income should not be used often, which could leave sensitive teeth and lead to other problems.

According to Puglisi, however, use baking soda to end the tartar is a myth. "Also there is one myth that bicarbonate helps to whiten teeth. All of this is false, people believe it, because baking is abrasive. The abrasion is the ability of a material has a surface wear. But in fact, the mechanical force with which you brush your teeth is what ends up eliminating tartar "he says.

4. Use hydrogen peroxide

Another known recipe is to mix half a cup of water and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to make a mouthwash for a few seconds. But, again, you must be careful not to harm the teeth.

Puglisi points out that this measure is not effective. "What can happen is the whitening of that structure (of the accumulated tartar), which is also very difficult to occur," said the dentist.

5. Use Aloe Vera gel

Another recipe is widespread mixing 1 teaspoon (tsp) of Aloe Vera gel + 1/2 teaspoon (tsp) of sodium bicarbonate + 10 drops of lemon essential oil + 4 tablespoons (tea) vegetable glycerine. To then brushing teeth one time per day with the mixture.

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The Puglisi dentist explains, however, that this is not a good option. "It is worth noting, also, that the use of lemon originating products help in tartar proliferation," he says.

6. Chewing parsley or sesame

7 homemade recipes to end the accumulated tartar on teeth

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The tip is to chew one sesame handful daily, without swallowing. After that, the teeth should be brushed often.

Puglisi explains that this habit will release a basic charge in the mouth and does not eliminate, but avoids the formation of tartar.

The same tip goes for parsley: can chew a handful for a few seconds and then spit it usually brushing teeth then. However, one should be careful to wash the leaves before doing so!

7. Use sunflower oil

The orientation is simply mouthwash with a spoon (soup) of pressed sunflower oil cold (without swallowing).

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But Puglisi points out that there is nothing better for the removal of tartar and plaque than: a toothbrush, water and pasta.

How to prevent the emergence of tartar

7 homemade recipes to end the accumulated tartar on teeth

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As always, prevention is the best way when it comes to the buildup of tartar on the teeth. And that dispenses great homemade recipes and is fully related to oral hygiene habits.

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly for about two minutes, especially after the main meals (lunch and dinner);
  • Use dental floss daily;
  • Attending at least twice a year the dentist to perform dental exams and professional cleanings.

If you still experience the buildup of tartar, the main direction is to seek the dentist, which is likely to use the process of "scraping" - which is nothing more than the withdrawal process tartar with special instruments.

If you choose to try some homemade recipe, just make sure to be careful not to use products that can harm your mouth and / or your health in general.