Advantages to relate to older men - Women Tips

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Older men have a certain charm in the female imaginary, because usually it is expected that, because they have more experience, these men already know what they want, including on lovemaking.

This type of behavior enchants many women who seek more stable relationships and who are tired of men with children's behavior.

Security and maturity

Although not a standard, older men are usually more sure of themselves. Clinical psychologist Pamela Magalhães notes that men over age can bring a more peaceful and stable relationship. "There is no rule, but there are greater chances of finding more emotional maturity in older men, which greatly facilitates the emotional relationship," he adds.

For the administrator Rebeca Novelleto who began dating the executive Ricardo Novelleto (now her husband) at 23, the 28-year difference was never a hindrance. The manager admits that the relationship only brought good things: "I see no disadvantages. There is nothing that hinders our relationship, "he says.

better sex

Given the greater experience, more controlled hormones and anxiety, men of older age tend to be better in a very important field: sex.

The psychologist and sexologist, Carla Cecarello reveals the reasons for which these men may have a better sexual performance "(Older men) is in no hurry to get anywhere, or are, more respectful sexual time woman" account.

The ratio is even better?

Rebecca recounts his experience: "If the girl likes electronic music, ballads and pool party every week, it will be difficult to find the same things she likes in a much older person. I sought a more quiet person, had tired of hype, "he recalls. "I never had patience for boys my age. Always thought fools. Basically, without even knowing it, I was looking for a focused person, romantic, experienced and when I met my husband saw all this and much more on it, "he says.

The affinity between the couple is essential if the relationship works out, "Ricardo has always been very young head, body and soul, like to have fun but without exaggeration. We've always done everything together, like the same things. He is super partner. "Says Rebecca.

Another great advantage that Rebekah see in your relationship with a man 28 years older was a major concern to health: "Today I am more quiet, he taught me a lot, especially in relation to health. He cares a lot and I already knew that. " He adds, "There were many changes, from food, physical activity, practice patience, tolerance and other things that just added me to be human. Today I am a million times better and 35 years old to 23. "

To work out a set of factors must be in harmony, as plans, goals and desires. According to Carla "Everything will depend on what it will fetch in the relationship with the other." Pamela shares the same idea: "Age is the least important when it comes to heart," advises psychologist.

Relationships require mutual effort and cooperation to make sure, as well as compatibility between the partners: "Any relationship needs flexibility, dialogue, generosity, plans compatibility and fundamental: a strong desire to make it work," says Pamela. Carla shares the same opinion and adds: "Happiness is related to how we take life, according to the vision we have of the world, or emotional maturity."


Advantages to relate to older men - Women Tips

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Although also occur in relationships with men of the same age, it's good to take some care not to hurt this kind of relationship.

In some cases, older men sustain trauma or addictions from previous relationships that may compromise the current relationship.

Another issue relates to motherhood. In some cases, men already have children from previous relationships, and do not want to be parents. In these cases, the decision is very delicate, as instructed Pamela: "If being a mother is something essential for you, talk a lot with your partner and agree with it the best alternative. And if you give up that dream due to the limitations of the relationship, not worth later blame him for that. "

Partners of any age can be jealous but older men tend to have this feeling more often. The energy and vitality of the partner should not threaten him and good conversation on this subject is crucial.

Another very important issue: the older man is not his father and is very important to have this difference very well defined. Carla alert to this type of situation, "Many women are led by attitudes of overprotection and security that a man in this age can provide and end up transferring him a brotherly love, father, and then things get confused completely."


The prejudice of society is another obstacle that can arise and it is very important not to let it interfere with their relationship: "Unfortunately learn to deal with prejudice and dribble it will be a challenge. But the most important is to believe that the chosen path is what makes you happy and ready! "Says Pamela.

Rebecca says that at the beginning, some people did not see the relationship with good eyes, "My father a little difficult, but was soon solved. Some people wanted to give me advice but no one heard "His determination to maintain the relationship yielded good results:. A solid marriage that has lasted 12 years.

Every relationship to succeed, both partners need to exercise understanding, understanding and desire to be together, regardless of age. "A little patience, consideration and interest to share a life together will make all the difference," says Pamela.