4 unusual ways to apologize to the partner - Women Tips

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The saying goes that to err is human. Of course, some time in life we ​​all err, and however serious the error is, the important thing is to recognize their own faults and apologize to those whom we hurt. In relationships is no different. Often, because that day we are not in the best mood in the world, or stubbornness, or because they distrust something that later proves true, finally, the reasons are many, but the fact is that sooner or later, end up They are blamed for either argument.

Know apologize, at such times, it is almost a gift. Depending on the choice of words, tone of voice, the situation, the other party may feel even more offended by what we did. To prevent more fights, be attentive to these four humorous ways to apologize, so that no partner in the world will be able to resist.

1 - To be cute: cheap tickets and poetry

How to speak may not be the best option when the other is very angry, a ticket is a good solution to make up. Make a fun poem, preferably using Bobinhas rhymes, and apologize in a soft way. Let the piece of paper with the poem in a place for which the person must pass the eyes and is prepared to criticism about its metric and rough rhymes. That's the idea: the more he laugh at you, the closer to forgive you.

2 - To be smart: chocolate and other delights

Very few people in the world think bad chocolate, and therefore it is possible that your boyfriend is among those who consider the sweet a gift from heaven. Use this to your advantage: buy preferred chocolate of your well and give a gift with a note which read only "sorry" or "excuse your stupid girlfriend," depending on the severity. If the cat does not like even chocolate, prepare the favorite dish of it or buy some delight to which he can not resist. It also works with the favorite drink of it.

3 - To be taken off: surrender declaration

The plan is to make it discounts the anger at what you done. For this, it all does not hurt and it's fun: from water to arminhas pads. How to use them? Simple, let the object of "attack" on a place in the house in which her boyfriend to see it and to explain the joke, use a short note, such as "can you give me a cushion, if it causes you to forgive me for what I did". The "revenge" has everything to become a joke - and reconciliation shaped pillow war will probably end up in laughter.

4 - To be sexy: romance of

If you think you'll need something more direct to be forgiven for the crime he committed, try to create a climate for when your love come home. No wonder a lot of people out there says that the best fight is reconciliation - his charm and good night together can work wonders for a balanced relationship for a silly fight. Use candles, scented oils and a good lingerie, and apologize in style.