How to end mold - Women Tips

Mold is one of the villains that appear because of the moisture and causes havoc in the house. Just look on the walls of the rooms, the bathroom tile and even inside the cabinets and there it is. Besides leaving the ugly house, mold can also harm your health and your whole family, leading from simple headaches to allergy symptoms and skin problems.

The first tip on how to end the mold, and also the easiest, is to open the home windows. Thus, the air circulates better in the environment and you eliminate the moisture, preventing the mold to multiply. But there are other tricks to eliminate the mold that are fairly easy to learn, check.

in closets

The best way to prevent mold on the cabinets is making a constant cleaning. Use a damp cloth to wipe, especially in the corners and leave the doors open to dry. You can use a mixture of water and bleach to clean the cabinets.

in the bathroom

To end up like mold in the bathroom the recipe is simple. For each liter of water mix 100 ml of bleach and pass this mixture using a rough sponge in places where there is mold.

In addition to the home cures there are products in supermarkets strip mold, which usually come in packaging with spray. Apply the product in the area it is in the mold, wait a few minutes and use a sponge to remove.

Another good tip on how to prevent mold is to paint the walls and the bathroom ceiling using anti-mold paint. Before applying it is important to thoroughly clean the surface using misturinha of bleach, but the problem returns.